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Feb 15, 2021
🚩 BlockWars CTF
Remove the crystals from the Games and Tetromino map, leave the original Java Games map and remove the white crystal that is between the Tetris pieces in the Tetromino map, I remember that there was an obsession with covering each gap of void in the maps of blockwars in the past (mushroom, greenzone, retro, hive) this because we did not have the matchmaking system and it was a bit "unfair" for the phone players, but now we already have that system and in case you are a phone player and you are against pc/console players you can use your own blocks to cover those void gaps that are only jumps of 1 or 2 blocks but that make the map look ugly (in my opinion), also, what disadvantage can phone players have if there is also a void gap of 2 blocks in the positive map? It doesn't make sense, and you didn't fill the void in the skywars or eggwars maps with crystal just for the phone players either, right?
Fortunately, mushroom, retro and hive maps were re-created in the past and removed those ugly crystals, but there is still to remove those crystals from games and tetromino map.

🍀Lucky Islands

Before op was added to Lucky Islands the drill went down at the same speed as it does in java, but afterwards they made it absurdly slow, it takes around 4 seconds to destroy a layer of blocks so you can easily escape and now it's completely ridiculous, I thought it was a bug but when I reported it they told me that the speed change was on purpose ... Make it go back to normal speed or at least make it faster in op mode.

This is a bug that I reported 5 months ago, but obviously it has not been fixed like many others, but I think that this particularly needs to be fixed. When you open a lucky block the loot comes out in the corners of the block, therefore if there are blocks around the lucky block it is likely that you will lose the loot, as in the maps of Pond, Food, Candy, Village, Luck, losing the loot of 1 or 2 lucky blocks is quite normal since it gets inside the blocks that surround the lucky block or if the lucky block is close to the void, the loot simply falls into it.
Fix this and make the loot come out in the center of the block.

It's been about a year and a half since BlockWars CTF and Lucky Islands was released on bedrock and we only have 10 maps on BlockWars CTF and Lucky Islands is worse, only 7 maps.
I don't like that we have to wait for a game update for more maps to be added and not even a map was added to lucky islands in the last update (when OP was added), imagine playing the same maps over and over and over again , it is very tiring, especially in CTF where the games last practically 1 minute.
And worst of all is that the last new maps that were added to these games were new maps that were also added to java, so no more java maps have been ported to bedrock and I don't understand why...

Your could add Cactus, Tree Alley, End and Snowy from BlockWars CTF/Core Java.
Nest, Stranded, Starfish and Obelisk from Lucky Islands Solo Java.
Orc and Hourglass from Lucky Islands Team Java, with some modifications.

If you agree with any of these suggestions, react with :agree:
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