Block Wars - Rage Quitters Problem Solution

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Hyper_Warrior, Jul 9, 2016.

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    I love playing Block Wars, it's one of my favourite games on this server. However, it is incredibly frustrating if you are carrying your team, you are 3:0 up, but because of the other team rage quitting, and you dying as you go in the most you end up being forced to switch teams with 30 seconds left.

    This is so annoying, I completely understand why they do it, as it is unfair for the people who don't rage quit and are losing.

    But, I think if people keep rage quitting, say 5 times in a day or 10 in a week, then they should be temporarily banned from playing block wars. Then if you keep doing it, it lasts longer. However, if don't rage quit in say 6 months, it cools off, but if you are abusing that and just rage quitting every 6 months you are also temporarily banned. I'm not sure if you want to make it permanent in the end it is your choice.

    I think this will be a lovely way to solve the problem benefiting those who don't rage quit and those who are winning.

    (Just to clarify I am not saying delete the swap system, I am just saying add this system too.)
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    I understand that it's realy anoying but I think nobody will do that 5 times per day or 10 in a week, and in my opinion they won't get banned, maybe somebody has to eat and he is banned for "ragequiting" that's unfair. So I think banning players from cubecraft because they are ragequiting won't make any sence you just have to deal with it. -1
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    You have to deal with rage quitters. They're in every gamr, and it's just naturally something that happens in any video game. -1