Best Skywars EVER!! XD

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    So @always_dancing and I were playing a game of Skywars on the snowy map and it was down to the two of us and two other girls who were also teaming. We decided that since both teams were camping, we decided to thrive in the center island which had a house.

    We made a chicken farm out of the eggs we had. We got 3 chickens out of them!

    We named them Frank, Courtney, and Silence.

    Eventually, they grew up! We had seeds, so we bred them and got another chicken named Fourtney!

    The other team got really irritated at us. LOL.

    This game lasted for about an hour. We eventually jumped off the island. Best game of skywars ever!

    We thought we should post this for the laughs. What do you think? XD

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