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Jun 15, 2020
Hello, im making a very short suggestion seen as i was just looking at Cubecrafts public Notion and was really happy looking back on all the community inclusive talks. I was very, very excited whenever a community talk came around as we as a community could see Cubecraft really cared about the opinions of ours.

I have three small suggestions.

- Host Community Talks again, about anything and everything, to take on opinions and show a lot more interest
- Host Community Games again, to show interaction with the community
- Update the Public Notion Bord a lot (https://www.notion.so/cubecraft/CubeCraft-Community-Board-95382a9dd8fd47bc95ccce19f5fc0779), it would be really cool to see work behind the scenes on updates etc here, and ofc update it with the community talks if it goes ahead. Posting smaller, not forum worthy Behind the Cubes, and showing status updates of updates that are definitely going ahead, as there's no point on keeping them quiet. You only need to keep an update quiet so as to not get the people excited and then not go ahead with it, i agree with that.

If you really want to see the Public Notion updated actively and Community talks to be held again, as well as in general more community based things and ideas on Cubecraft feel free to agree :agree: below. Imo the community interaction and openness has died since 2021 came around.


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Sep 12, 2018
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I definitely agree! I never heard of the notion board but as it is explained i totally get your point. Community games are definitely fun, but the most important are the community talks. Everyone could express their feelings and it made things so more attractive for the entire community! I'd love to see more about bows, arcade games or any other subject again soon! hope this goes through! <3
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May 13, 2014
Hey Matriox, thanks for the suggestion!

I responded to a suggestion thread made by @Click Greatness similar to this - I'll link the response here as it covers a few points that you mentioned.

Hey Click, thanks for bringing this up! This one caught my eye, but I know there have been multiple different suggestions regarding this topic.

Going into 2022, we have quite a few plans that we'd love to share with them with you:

- Public Notion Board: Did you know we had a public Notion board? Yeah, me neither. We're wanting to be as transparent to you as possible with our updates, meaning that we in the Server Team (lead by @jelliobean for the most part) will be having a public Notion board about what we have planned. Sharing this with you is extremely important too, which we're in the process of figuring out.
In this, we'll also be transparent on development and such, including projects like Skyblock. More information in the new year!

- Community Talks: Where did these go?! We're hoping to talk more about our projects in community talks soon, which @Story talked about here. We have a few interesting projects come 2022, which we can't wait to discuss with you all!

- Where is Magic and Mayhem Behind the Cube? Right here. We'll release this soon.

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Thanks again - hope you're excited! :D

For Community Games, we'd need to discuss the logistics internally before moving forward. :)

Marking this thread as planned - I'll mark it as implemented once we have the public Notion board implemented soon!
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