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Bedrock: Summer map update + General improvements!


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Oct 20, 2013
Hello CubeCrafters!

Today we've released our awesome Summer content onto our Bedrock Server! Explore our awesome Summer lobby, and play on some fancy new maps, with a new EXCLUSIVE EggWars map to Bedrock Minecraft.


2018 Summer Hub

Desert - EggWars Solo map

Eggclusive map only available on bedrock!

Sandcastle - SkyWars Solo

General Network Improvements and Fixes
We've been busy patching and improving our network! Here's a list of a few of the bugs we've squashed over the past few weeks:
  • Fixed arrows being invisible
  • Fixed settings not saving
  • When you break a block that you're not supposed to break, sometimes it went invisible
  • Better distribution of players over games, so they don't fill up too fast :confused1:
  • Block placements being cancelled if you place a block that's very far away
  • Eating now works 100% of the time
  • Fixed some items not stacking in EggWars
  • Sometimes colours in menus vanished
  • Equipping a helmet puts it on your head now, and not your feet
  • Fixed clicking on buttons in menus not doing anything
  • Performance/stability improvements

We've recently released a new skin pack on the Marketplace, Music! Check it out HERE!


If you would like to check out our other content for the Marketplace, click HERE!
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I'll be honest I have seen a lot more Teaparties whilst playing today. I wonder if the admins made it open more. If so, this is excellent work. Magnificent, actually.
Imagine playing hide and seek in the lobby at 5 in the morning.
WANDRBOY wrote on Wink's profile.
Congrats TC ❤
I swear, sunflowers are aliens at night
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