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Redstone [Bedrock] Rocks, Paper, Scissors game!


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Mar 18, 2017
Hi there!
I decided to create a simple Rps game on the Bedrock edition of Minecraft.

How it works
  • When you name any item "Rps" and throw it out, your Rps game will start.
  • You can choose to play "rocks" (cobblestone), "paper" (paper) or "scissors" (shears).
  • After you've played your choice, you'll either win, lose or tie with the bot.
  • The bot picks a random choice each time.
  • When you name any item "Rps reset" and throw it out, the Rps scoreboard will reset.
A single function file with 46 commands makes this game work. The function gets repeated 20 times per second by a command block to optimize the item detection.

Feel free to ask any questions!
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