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Feb 22, 2024
Everything looks fantastic, it just seems like the average Java FFA player is not a big fan of the rocket fight event. I was in a FULL lobby, voted for rocket fight, and 3 minutes later... ta da

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Don't get me wrong I adore quakecraft, but I don't see how this event makes sense for FFA, the capture the flag and king of the hill ones don't force the ENTIRE lobby to participate, and they still are completely PvP based, unlike quakecraft.

Not only that but, some people had some pretty sweet killstreaks and bought themselves some fancy gear, I'd be pretty annoyed if I was randomly naked and lost my killstreak to an incoming rocket!

I'd encourage the developer/admin working on FFA to nick themselves at a random lobby and see it play out by themselves. I am still surprised at how the ENTIRE lobby practically left.


Feb 18, 2024
This is an extremely good idea for FFA! In ordinary FFA modes, I always lose because it's difficult for me to some extent, and I always be killed by pro players. This new mode is more friendly to new players in FFA because you needn't to choose your kit, and its playing method is more easier for players to understand. Moreover, it is a mobile phone players-friendly game because it's easy for players who use mobile phone to play it. All in all, it's one of the best and coolest idea for games in 2024! (another is pillars of fortune in this sping ) I can't wait to play it!
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