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Mar 24, 2022
I believe I've been banned for long enough to learn my lesson, and I've just come back to playing MC. I've grown as a person over 4 years, and want an unban so I can enjoy this server. I'll be honest, I kinda sucked at minecraft and as fun as the FFA maps were I got so frustrated I looked for a client and used it on this server. I now regret this and ask to be unbanned, as my previous unban post was denied and it's been 4 years since then. (Banned in 2018)
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Yo, nice profile picture, what character is it and where from?
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Welcome to the Cubecraft Forums! I hope you have an awesome time here!:D
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Happy birthday!
I hit my first 100 wins on Bedwars Teams of four. Here is a picture on stats and a screenshot from the stream when I reached it:D
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