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Oct 31, 2013
Hello! Its Supersonic59 here! :D I have a suggestion on ban appeals.

Ok my suggestion on ban appeals is to not have them! I think this because there useless, my friend (Greggy44) got banned for absolutely nothing and he put in a ban appeal and NO admin/mod even said anything about him getting unbanned or why he was banned or even helped him and he put this ban appeal up about 3 months ago and he checks it EVERY day! no joke. that's how much he likes your sever, but the ban appeal is doing nothing for him cause no one will even reply or any mods/admins will do anything its a waste of time to even make a ban appeal because you wont even give him another chance or unban him. There isn't anything against him, he did nothing wrong. and if he did do something please reply on what he did wrong and please show me proof of it because it doesn't make sense to ban a player when they didn't do anything against the rules to be banned.

@Dai_Matsumoto @Joel_Lucas @Minimooseha @LaserDolphin77 @Claudia @jinjo90 @SGTkuzey

Please!! can you reply if you did ban him or you know who did ban him and for what reason


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Oct 20, 2013
No offence, but this post is wrong in so many ways and pretty pointless. You say your friend didn't get any replies from staff on his appeal. The thread is 3 pages long and 3 different staff members have responded. From what I read, the issue seems to be resolved. Judging from when the appeal was made, it hasnt been 3 months, hasnt even been one. Now saying to get rid of ban appeals is ridiculous. Everyone makes mistakes and certain people deserve a second chance. Imagine if you got banned. What do you do? How do you get your side of the story across. Having ban appeals is a must have. Admittedly not everyone gets unbanned, but that's due to the reason, their ban appeal is pathetic e.g "BANNED 4 NO RESON PLZ UNBAN". This post will be locked now since this isn't a suggestion, it's an excuse for you to ask to get your friend unbanned.
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