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Discussion in 'Assassins' started by Chyakka, Aug 1, 2014.


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  1. Chyakka

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    Hello my name is Chyakka!

    I know the rules already exist but to many struggle in-game which is why I wanted to make a picture supported guide! This will give tips and show pictures of example.


    Ok so by this time you have joined assassins and your wondering where you are! You are in the spawn. This part is simple you just need to walk to the sign that says "Assassination. Click To Join. Random Spawn"

    You will now be standing in a random location that you could spawn at. Notice how you are wearing a chain mail top and holding a wooden sword with 2 pieces of bread! There is your starter kit.


    So in Assassination there is alot of important things like staying alive but money is an essentials for this! They don't have normal money like most servers, they work in a currency that goes as followed:

    Dark Coin (Charcoal) - £1

    Gold Coin (Gold Nugget) - £5

    Platinum Coin (Ghast Tear) - £10

    So how to make this money you may ask? Well there's 2 answers for that. First one is PVP which is Player vs Player which you can use your starting items to slay people for there money they've made. Now number 2 is random chests across the map. This chests depending on location will have a certain amount of money. Here is one of the chests!

    After opening the chest I see I have some money now at this point your probably wondering what it's used for?


    At this point you should have some money in your pocket ready to be spent! What on? Where at? Shops now let me tell you people often ask what to do with money and where to go which is one of the reasons that made me make this guide. They are enormous buildings with a sign on top. Weaponry shop has a big Golden Sword. Armour shop has an Iron Chestplate on

    it and so forth, so forth. Now depending on what you want is the shop that you go to! Now lets cover one of the rules about the shop, No camping. If you don't understand what I mean by this don't wait for people to leave and then kill them. Also keep in mind that your hunger drains alot FASTER you are inside of the shop so be quick! Here is what a shop looks like


    Remember that all rules apply which can be viewed here. I would like to thank all staff and players for creating such a fantastic game for everyone to play. Assassination is unique and fun alot would agree. Although times are tough because of the EULA I'm personally saving up money to donate something great to the server to keep it running. This guide has been for people unaware of what they are doing.

    Thank you for reading have fun,
  2. Hallucinated

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    This was actually not that bad, Stuck.
  3. Oceanical

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    Linked it to my original Assassinations Guide, this is great Chyakka.

    Looks like you put lots of effort & I like how you gave a visual, it's a nice contribution. :)
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