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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by johnyestaloca, Aug 16, 2015.

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    Aye guys,

    I got a little suggestion for spleef/TNT run, just to spice it up a bit. Maybe it would be funny if Bow Spleef and TNT run would be mixed. I will explain it.

    When you join a game, you ofcourse just spawn in a waiting lobby. But when the game begins, there will be a 10 seconds countdown. After those 10 seconds, all players are given bows. Now, all players will be able to 'spleef' each other to death for 1:30 minutes or anything like that. After 1:30 minutes, there will be a second countdown of 10 seconds. After this countdown, all bows will disappear and you will have to TNT run to victory. The game continues untill there's a winner. To be sure that the games won't end too fast, bigger 3 layer arena's would be usefull. Winner will receive 15 points. You will also get 1 point for every person who dies before you.

    What do you guys think? Feel free to post suggestions.

    Friendly Greetz,
    Johny :)
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    I don't think it's much of a problem, because like, tnt run games normally last for about 2 minutes maximum, so there isn't really a point in this.
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    I like the idea, even though I hardly play TNT Run / Spleef