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Sep 5, 2022
Hello people, I am a dude running a small youtube channel and wanted to sort of hire (BUT NOT FOR MONEY, JUST FOR FUN AND MAKING CONTENT) players. I am looking for like good Eggwars/MoneyWars players in Minecraft Bedrock, so the requirments (sort of) is players with 700+ combined wins in eggwars and like a 40+ percent win rate so yeah and read the name of this forum account. Also you need discord to chat and stuff, no need to actually talk with ur voice. If you run a youtube channel too (you dont have to have a youtube channel), u can create a vid about it as well. AND don't get your hopes up, it may say I have more than 800 subs, but my long form content is dead so yeah Im not a famous youtuber.

here is my youtube channel/video where I explain more details (comment in the youtube video ur discord username and stuff)

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