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Another trap using cobweb


Mar 26, 2014
Lel another funny trap, but you have to becareful, remember to keep outta hit range, otherwise they can hit u :p

Step 1: get ancient disrupter

Step 2: put slab under ladder, break atleast 3 ladders from the bottom so they can't climb up.

Step 3: break blocks under slab and put cobweb anywhere you want under the slab.

Step 4: when a player jumps down into the hole, break the slab so they fall directly to the slab.

Step 5 : Stalk them while they fall SLOWLY BUT SURELY

Ps. works best on maps with 1x1 hole with ladder ( Candy) not (trees).

IK there is another addition of this trap not involving the cobweb, but the point of the trap is to watch them slowly fall to their death, not fall quickly. This trap used to not work very well at the time where there was the glitch where a player falls and they can glitch back up again, but its fixed now and it works like a charm now :p PHEW!~
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