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Oct 13, 2016


The following list contains a lot of examples of allowed mods in the server. In general, similar mods are allowed but it is recommended you ask a member of staff before using any mod which does not appear on this list and we will try our best to add it as soon as possible.
We cannot review every version of every modification, so be aware all use of mods on CubeCraft is at your own risk



- 5Zig
- TabbyChat
- AutoGG / AutoChat / AutoText *
- Voicechat mods
- Anti Clear Chat
- ChatTranslator
- AntiRage
- Chat Time
- CustomFilterSounds
- Custom chat backgrounds
- Animated Chat
- MacroMod **
- AdvancedChat **

*Spamming messages accidentally can cause you a spamming mute, please be sure to know how your mod works before joining CubeCraft
**If you use MacroMod or AdvancedChat, remember your chat reports will not be accepted in our Java reports site.



- Optifine
- Sodium
- Iris Shaders
- Toggle sneak
- Toggle sprint
- Better sprinting mod
- Gamma/Brightness mods
- Autorespawn
- Minimaps without players
- Waypoints
- Schematica
- BetterPVPMod
- Health/Damage indicators (like Neat, Labymod damage indicator, ToroHealth)
- Armor Status HUD
- Direction HUD
- Effect Status
- 5Zig
- Replay mod (reports submitted with replay mods can cause your report to be denied for different causes, for example, a record without visible sidebar)
- Keystrokes
- Custom Crosshair
- Batty's Coordinates
- Perspective mod
- Freelook mod
- Dynamic FPS
- Entity Culling
- Ferrite Core
- Simple Hud utilities
- Mod Menu
- Lithium
- Phosphor
- Krypton mod, by Tuxed
- Dc Prevent

Not allowed

- Minimaps with players
- Schematica printer mod
- FreeCam
- Inventory Tweaks / Mouse Tweaks
- Mouse Wheelie mod and Item Scroller
- LagGoggles
- Baritone
- ViaFabric
- ORZX Keyboard (bedrock) and other Keymappers
- Pro Placer, Better Placement and Accurate Block Placement
- Armor Hotswap
- Utility HUD by ambient (bedrock. All versions)
- Player Hitbox Display (bedrock - by ambient)
- Inventory Profiles Next
- AutoWalk (and any other similar mods)
- Inventory Sorter
- Origins
- Better Diving
- Better Combat Mod
- Survival Flight
- Effortless Building
- Wall Jump



- Mo' Bends
- MoreParticles
- Shaders
- Cape mods
- Resource packs
- ItemPhysics
-1.7 animations (Java and Bedrock mods)

Not allowed

- X-ray resource packs
- Skin blinker mods
- Derp mods
- More Players Models



- Badlion Client
- Labymod (reports submitted with Labymod won't be accepted)
- Cosmic client
- Feather client
- Salwyrr client
- Lunar Client
- CaloriMod
- Pojav Launcher - Android*
Use at your own risk. Pojav Launcher emulates a Java space in your Android device and will request your Java credentials to log in

- Astral Client
- BadTiger
- Fate Client
- Helix Client
- Onix Client
- Bedezu Client
- MCPELauncher
- Fortress Client
- Better Bedrock Client
- AsaBetter

Not allowed

- Clients with cheat modules, even if you don't use them
- Vivecraft (we disallow the use of VR in Minecraft Java)
- Toolbox, Horion, Zephyr client (bedrock)
- EM Client (bedrock)
- Lunar Client by Err0r (bedrock)
- BedrockIfy (Java)
- Eternal Client (bedrock)

If you are unsure if a mod is allowed, ask a member of staff before using it. Ignorance of the rules is not a valid excuse for violating them.

Updated: December 11, 2022
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