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May 9, 2020
okay name one good update other than the kb update or the regions expansion update.
within the 2 years?

-eggwars update
-op updates for the gamemodes that got it
-ranks for the gamemodes that got them
-all the games since the og 4
-various bugs that would occur such as...

-flat world
-edge kb
-gap hit
-various minerware bugs

+many more
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Sep 17, 2019
United States
Hey, cubecrafters!

Today is a big day, bc Asia region HAS BEEN ADDED! But I have a time saver suggestion that should be added, to add "Set Your Default Region", by clicking on Lobbies --> Change Region --> Set Default Region.

**Here's a picture that shows the "Set Default Region":
View attachment 203392
This will place you automatically in the region that you select as a default region every time you log into cubecraft.

Hope you agree...

All love to staff, members, and partners (EXCEPT HATERS)

I believe also selecting "AS" "EU" or "NA"
Should also queue you into those games, otherwise I see no point of adding separated Lobbies? Like What's the point of doing that if I can't join another server. And if you are watching a streamer who allows stream snipes and they are on another Region you can only see that player in the ASA/EU/NA server lobbies over in game...
You actually get placed in the lobby best for you based off your ping. However, I do agree with the suggestion as sometimes people prefer to be in another region for lobbies.
Selecting Region should change your Region like in Hive or Galaxite, besides just changing lobbies, otherwise like I said above there is no point of segregating lobbies for no reason at all.
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