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Aug 14, 2021
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Hi there! Cubecraft has added achievements to Java but not to bedrock.
How will it work?
It will work quite simple. You will have a item in your hotbar that you can open to view your achievments. To get quests you need to complete quests. The quest system is like cubecraft skyblock quest system. They will be split into 3 different difficulties. Easy, Normal and Hard.
So lets so a quest is win 1 eggwars game called egginner that then unlocks a quests called Egg cracker and Egg pro
Egg pro is win 10 eggwars games and Egg cracker is destroy 1 egg. Cube will decide the quests unlocking.
Is it needed?
Yes. It will enhance player fun on the bedrock network and make players have more to do.
What problems does it fix?
The problems it fixes is players getting bored easily and have more players on different games
Does it fit cubecraft?
Yes because they have it on java but not on bedrock.

The different quest difficulties: If there are any games missed plz tell in comments
The 3 different quest levels are Easy, Normal and Hard, E=EASY, N=NORMAL, H=HARD
For eggwars
Egginner: Play 1 eggwars game E
Egg cracker: Destroy 1 egg E
Egg pro: Play 10 eggwars games E
Coming Egg: Destroy 5 eggs and win that game H
Egg Master: Play 100 eggwars games and win 50 games H

If you have more ideas please let me know
I want your ideas
Bridge up: Play 1 blockwars bridges E
Capflag: Play 1 game of CTF E
Capturer: Capture 200 pits and 10 flags N

Ideas Saved
Survival Games
Surviver: Win 1 game of survival games N
Survival Gamer: Play 10 games E
Monster: Kill 10 players N
King of the troops: Kill 1,000 Players H

Ideas saved
Parkour expert: Get 100 gold, 100 silver and 100 bronze medal H
Parkour enthusiast: Complete 100 levels N
Parkour Pro: Get 10 gold medals E
Parkour beginner: Get 1 gold medal E

Ideas saved
Lucky islands
Feelin' Lucky: Open 100 lucky blocks E
Beginners Luck: Play 1 game of lucky islands E
Lucks on your side: Wins 10 games of lucky island N
Lucky pro: Win 100 games of lucky island H

Ideas saved
Sky warer: Play 1 games E
King of the skies: Win 10 skywars games N
LandSky: Win 100 skywars games and Play 150 skywars games H
Chest raider: Open 10 chests E
Chest horder: Open 100 chests N
King of chests: Open 1,000 chests H

Ideas saved
Miniwinner: Win 1 minigame E
Bossgamer: Win 10 bossgames N
Believe in boss: Win 100 bossgames H
Win the min: Win 100 minigames N
Miniboss: Win 1,000 minigames H

Ideas saved
If you like the idea put :agree:
if you are not sure react :unsure:
if you don't like the idea vote :disagree:
- rabid
P.S this took me 2 days of learning and typing. Credits @Thunder_ for teaching me these seperate spoilers


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Aug 31, 2019
The Netherlands
Heyhey! I'm here to share some amazing news with you! A similar suggestion has already been created and marked as planned, which means that it will get implemented somewhere in the future. You can find this suggestion at https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/achievements-challenges-on-bedrock.282503/

Since this suggestion has been marked as planned already, I will go ahead and lock this thread. Thanks a lot for the suggestion tho!
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