A Statement about CCG 2.0

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by StorySays, Dec 12, 2014.

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    First off, The Old Cubecraft WILL NEVER return most likely, they have spent an insane amount of time putting the update together, it's fantastic once they fix the bugs, everything is Glossy and shiny and will take time to get used to and fix, being that it is a huge update, it will take a lot of time to fix everything.

    That's the issue with this, they aren't going to throw away something that they spent months on, All of you requested most of the features added, such as leaderboards for other minigames and also they may not be able to get the statistics back due to the fact that it is more advanced because they didn't keep record of how many blocks you have broken before and therefore they cannot revive that kind of information because it didn't exist.

    This server is exactly the same as the old one just highly upgraded, I guarrantee if they went at a slower pase this would've been released slowly feature by feature over the course of 2015, but the owners wanted their players to play even more and they did the absolute best they could to bring you all the features that YOU the community asked for in the suggestions, how do you think it makes them feel if you start spamming abuse shouting this update is horrible and it is so buggy and stuff, THEY GET IT, they will fix it, cut them some slack.

    The Owners are specially skilled for this server and they all have the necessary skills to make this work withing the next day or 2.
    Stop Spamming and give it time to sink in, it's a lot of change and we get it, but try not to lose your cool.

    Thanks! - Drew McNamee
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    This is a statement. Just to prevent spam or anything I´ll lock this. But thx Drew McNamee :)

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