A couple normal dueling kit changes.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Power Ranger, Aug 18, 2016.

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    Ok I don't know all the names for every kits at so I'll be using the items in the kit to describe them.

    Iron Warrior:
    I think this kit should have both an iron axe and an iron sword this would give axe users a fair chance with this kit and allow for interesting strategies using both the a e and the sword.

    The carrots in this class are completely useless as a food so I suggest the carrots are changed to 6 steak.

    Most people are annoyed by this kit and many simply leave when getting it. So I suggest that this kit has a wooden sword with the infinity bow to give people who aren't good with bows a chance.

    Survival Games: (I think that's the stone sword one)
    I would say give this kit a fishing rod once 1.11 comes around so you can offhand them but fishing rods still don't work on cubecraft ;(

    UHC? (One with the buckets)
    Me and my pvp group often play uhcs and one item we always keep on our hotbar is a stone axe to insta kill any low health enemies and to get a powerful starting axe crit in before switching to the sword. Also I believe this kit gets a diamond sword with sharpness 2 most of the time my group settles for a sharpness 1 iron sword and spends the diamonds on something cooler like a jukebox. :p so I suggest this kit gets a stone axe, changes the sword to sharp 1 iron, and has a shield which is a necessity for uhcs with the new skeles.

    That one op kit with the weakness arrows:
    Now I do like this kit having weakness as its good against hackers but bow spamming weakness arrows mid sword fight isn't really fun or skilled (even though in guilty of it too) so I suggest that this kit gets 10 slowness arrows that last about 6 seconds or less. The spectral arrow can stay or be removed as it was useless.

    That's it thanks for reading :D
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    I think the Kits are fine as they're now....
    So I'll be neutral on this suggestion...
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