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Apr 26, 2020
Hello fellow Cubecrafters! I'd like to suggest a change to the newly added ability in Eggwars - "Eggs to Riches". For those of you who don't know about it, it basically gives you a small chance of obtaining an emerald whenever you break an egg in Eggwars (image below):

The problem with that is that if you get an emerald (afaik), it spawns near the egg location, which means it's possible for the enemy players to pick it up if you don't manage to do it first. Instead of that, the game should first try to give it to you in your inventory and only drop it on the ground if your inventory doesn't have any free slots. The emerald is supposed to be a reward for YOU, as you're the one who breaks the egg, not your enemy, and it shouldn't be that easy for the enemy to get your reward.
But what do you think about this? Please share your opinion!
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