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10 tips and tricks for Tower Defense

Discussion in 'Tower Defence' started by brent8800, Apr 7, 2016.

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    Jan 28, 2016
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    Hi, i am Donkerbeest the 2th (At the moment) most winner on the leaderboard. Some one called it #nolife. i will say, its a easy game if you know how to play.
    Here 10 tips and tricks u can use. You dont have to use it, but mabye it can help you further.

    10 Tips And Tricks

    1. Try to build at the mob spawn, the spots in the beginning are important!. Why? Because this can give you a lot of money. Every Zombies which you towers killed gives you 20 coins each per zombie. So this is a way to make fast money. If the other team keep spamming zombies :D.
    2. Make sure to uprgade you gold mine fast as possible to 15 per second. You have to upgrade your own gold mine! Its not your team gold mine ;-) Remember this.
    3. I will spamming zombies to get exp. Zombies are not so expensive just 10 coins each. Keep spamming zombies if you want the giant. Do not send spiders or other mobs. Zombies saves a lot of money, and is easy xp farming.
    4. Keep building towers, this is important to win a game. I mean, it called TOWER DEFENSE.
    5. This is mabye the best tip. Do not send giants while the armageddon not start, your giant will die easy. Because the shooting towers at the castle (castle guard) are really powerfull!.
    6. Team work is the most powerfull in the game. No team work is lose. If some one get a giant, the other team members can build towers.
    7. Players with a rank can do
    /share <playername> <amount> 
    to give money to other team players. you can do this by a IRON rank
    8. Do not place mage next to mage . It doesnt work at all. Just 1 ice and 1 mage fully upgrade will do. Place the tower atleast 10 block from the other mage or ice. You can do mage and ice next to each other.
    9. Potions in the castle bazaar can really help you. Find it out your self ;-).
    10. Have fun with player. Don't be mad if you lose. It's just a game ;-).

    Good Luck with playing Tower Defense. Everyone has a other tactic to build or play. Respect the other players. Mabye you can learn from them.

    Questions? just ask them below.
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