1.9 Rebalancing Suggestion

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Did you Notice, and should it be balanced?

  1. I Didn't notice, Balance it anyway.

  2. I Noticed, but leave it the way it is.

  3. I Didn't notice, and leave it the way it is.

  4. I Did notice, Balance it.

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    In 1.9 many things with health and saturation were changed, Main ones being Regeneration from food being much quicker, and Saturation going down much faster from regeneration.

    Now in the games I've played. Mainly egg wars & Lucky islands. I have noticed that the regeneration was nerfed back to original speed, which is good as it keeps the game from lasting longer, However I have noticed that food is still going down much faster than it was before 1.9. Although I cannot confirm that this is infact the case and it might just be making this up, from what I can tell it does seem to be happening.

    This means that when you're at full hunger you don't regen as much as you did before the 1.9 Update, and you require more food to keep yourself saturated. I'd like to know if you want this balanced, to make it more even or if you don't mind / notice the change. Thanks.

    Link to the Wiki page that states the change in hunger - http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Hunger