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Redstone [1.16.1] Minecraft: Flappy Pig!


Jul 12, 2020
The Netherlands
Here I am again!

Have you always thought Flappy Bird was boring? Then is this game made for you!
I had a day off from school, so I made Flappy Pig! It's way better than the original boring Flappy Bird, since pigs are way cooler. You guys think that too (prove).

It isn't particularly complex, but it is just so fun to play.

Some info:
- Maker
: Egg (reppart2011)
- Age : 14
- Made with : 14 Functions
- Make in : 6 Hours

(I **** (you can't warn me this time, @Fesa) at the game, don't mind me)


Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

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Dark best bedrock mod
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Calichin great bedrock mod
i am offline for the next months. Idk when i will back. Im very busy rn.
goodbye guys see you soon 👋
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Welcome to the forums! :)
Fun fact: last week I tried to record a Minecraft video but OBS said no :) More content as soon as I can figure out why nothing wants to work for me lol
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