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Oct 19, 2013
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Hey CubeCrafters, this is a quick little thread that will rundown all the benefits & tools we can offer to partners within our programme depending on what type of partner you are to help you in creating amazing experiences! :cube_light:

💜 Programme

Our hope with the programme is to build relationships with many people in the industry as well as the Minecraft community. We want to help guide you into succeeding and reaching your maximum potential.

If there is any way we can assist then we want to be there for you! 🤝

All partners get access to the following:

Partner Rank
:cube_arrow: Incites other users to ask about your channel or community.

Direct Support
:cube_arrow: We will be there for you whenever you need it, we'll do our best to help you quickly by giving you quick access to the team.

:cube_arrow: We provide ranks for your community giveaways as well as a whole host of other things. Let us know what you need in your private channel!

:cube_arrow: Helps secure your identity when you need to complete something without interruption.

:cube_arrow: Easily hide yourself in lobbies.

All Features
:cube_arrow: Experience all of what CubeCraft has to offer from features to cosmetics.

More parties
:cube_arrow: Maximize the fun by bringing along your community via our max party size: 20.

Extra Friends
:cube_arrow: Partners get up to 10,000 friend slots total!

:cube_arrow: We will advertise & promote your communities to help drive traffic to you, the partners!

🎨 Creator

Creators pertain to streamers or video producers on a multitude of platforms, they make up a bulk of the programme.

Early Access
:cube_arrow: Check out our content/games before they have come out to the public!

🏘️ Community Leader

Community leaders are users who run large communities within CubeCraft and influence a large group of people. These are generally run through Discord.

Event Threads
:cube_arrow: Access to 'Events & Competitions' section on forums to post thread about events and advertise your Discord.

🔰 Other Partners

Other can pertain to anything, if you are working on something cool we want to hear about it, there could be a multitude of ways we can work together and achieve something greater!

Reach out if you are unsure. 💙

💭 Special Requests

We can provide many things for our partners, we strive to meet your needs in order for you to do your best. Here are some examples of requests we can help with:

:cube_arrow: We can hand out many things to you for your community giveaways. This includes but is not limited to: all cubelet types, any purchasable or non-purchasable content, specific loot items, points and multipliers.

Old Maps
:cube_arrow: We can boot up old maps if they are still in the system. (an admin will do this for you and is subject to their availability)

Modes & Games
:cube_arrow: We can boot up old games and modes allowing only partners to be able to enter. (subject to the game's current functionality)

Interested in applying? :cube_light:

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Will be updated as questions roll in!
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