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Nov 9, 2021
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Greetings, Cubecrafters!

It has been a while since we first announced our recruitment update back in September. During the past few months, we have been observing and carefully watching the evolution of recruitment. From community feedback to things we noticed ourselves, and much more. After almost half a year, I am pleased to announce we will be introducing a new recruitment update! This update contains new features, brings back old ones and will hopefully make lots of you happy! Let us jump right into it!

⚔️ New Restrictions

Great news! The restrictions applied to languages, timezones, and versions are no longer active. This means everyone is now allowed to apply!

With that in mind, we have tweaked the requirements to set the bar a bit higher. This is to ensure players do not rush their applications and are able to reach their full potential.
The new requirements are as follows:

  • At least 75 messages on the Forums AND 125 messages on Discord.*
  • At least 50 successful reports on the website.
  • Three months of Java activity and 30 days of Forums activity.**

  • At least 25 quality Forum posts AND 100 Discord messages.*
  • At least 15 successful reports on the forums.
  • Two months of Bedrock activity and 14 days of Forums activity.**

* Do this by starting conversations, suggesting ideas, helping others. Spam messages, ‘+1’ or short forced answers will not count towards that number.

** Activity in time is not defined in real hours, days or months. Two months of activity for example means you have at least been playing for two months. If you start on January 20th, two months of activity is achieved on March 20th.

These requirements might appear intimidating, but they are there to ensure applicants are reaching their full potential and are coming in with a good base knowledge of our rules, community, and proper interactions.

Note - If you do not meet these requirements, you will not move forward to the next stage, so please only apply once you do meet them.

We also want to provide you with some general applicant guidelines. Applicant guidelines are a list of qualities and skills that we value and look for in our candidates. We will shortly list them here again, though the full list can be found in this thread.

  • Be mature and respectful to everyone.
  • Be able to work and collaborate in a team environment.
  • Have consistent activity on most/all our platforms (Forums, Discord and ingame).
  • Provide decent and valuable community interaction. Start conversations, suggest ideas, help others and provide insightful & quality content on our platforms.
  • Note - Spam messages, short and uninformed answers, saying what was said by other users previously, or other repetitive and unconstructive content does not count.
  • Not be afraid to criticise Cubecraft respectfully and constructively.
  • Be able to remain professional even when attacked.
  • Possess a basic idea of the procedures we use around CubeCraft and redirecting users to the correct places (Reports, Appeals, Sales and more).

Note - Most of these criteria are subjective, meaning one’s interpretation of what counts as fulfilling them, may be different from another recruitment team’s perspective.
Overall, we will be more strict regarding the things we summed up above.

🎲 Java or Bedrock? I choose you!

Over the past few months, we have seen applicants who wanted to apply for both Bedrock and Java. While the initiative seems promising at first, it quickly brought some doubt. With applications opening up for everyone again and having no excluded groups of players, you can only make an application for one version of Minecraft.

If your heart lays with Java, apply for Java. If you feel a lot of passion for Bedrock, then apply for Bedrock. If you love both versions, you will need to choose one that is your favourite to moderate on.
Do not fret! If you make it to Moderator, there will be opportunities down the road to train for the version you had to leave behind (if you choose to).

🗒️ New Rules

Our SrMod team has always been the heart of recruitment. SrMods have put so much work and effort into handling those applications, and they get a lot! One of the struggles is spam applications.

There are still applicants who do not respect their time-out period and make a new application immediately. For this, we have always been giving out formal warnings to players to wait until they can apply, and in severe cases, we have had to ban some. Yet, people kept spamming applications.

To avoid this, we will be adding a new rule:
You are not allowed to make a new application before you are permitted.
Track: Warning -> Second Warning -> Week Ban -> Month Ban -> Permanent Ban

Note - If you are not sure when your timeout expires, check your previous application before creating a new one.

🔥 Hot off the press!
Overall, the guides have gotten a revamp! New questions and cleaned up threads, all to try and make it as easy as possible for you all! Be sure to check out all of the guides again, as they may contain new information.

Good luck to all of you, follow the rules, work hard, work smart, and most importantly, be yourself! Thank you all so much for the feedback and support!
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