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Jul 6, 2020
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🎬 CubeHQ Community Montage ⚔️
Hosted by CubeHQ

Hey CubeCrafters! We would like to announce CubeCraft HQ's 1st CubeHQ Community Montage. We will be giving players the opportunity to post their best clips and have it featured on the CubeCraft HQ YouTube Channel. You will have until April 22nd to post your clips, we will try to be including everyone in the montage if we can. (Depending on how many clips we receive)

Join CubeHQ to Participate

🏆 The Event 🏆
🕐- You will have until April 22nd 🕐
🎲 - Anyone can post clips and will (hopefully) be featured in the montage🎲
🏆 - We will try to incorporate all clips into the montage 🏆


- You can post your clip by clicking Here
- You must be in the CubeCraft HQ discord server to participate

Please remember to post your best clips and don't troll please. Hope to see some of your amazing clips soon! ❤️
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