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May 5, 2019
Ok ok, This looks great! (But I also don't want to belive it becasue of aprils fools day πŸ‘€ ) But if this is true great!


Aug 23, 2016
The Shattered Plains
Great update! Love the addition of the personal multipliers. Won't be needing them myself, but should help newer players with getting the perks and updates much quicker!

Too lazy to make a bug report, but the reward for today (Treasure Marker cage) is bugged.

If someone with this cage leaves the game before it starts, 3 blocks get left behind which will merge with the cage from the next person to join.

These 3 blocks also stay when the game starts.


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Apr 2, 2021
Hello Java CubeCrafters,

A couple of weeks ago, we released a new voting system, which allowed you guys to vote on external sites for rewards. Today we're making that system even better. We've increased the chances and loot within Votelets, and we've reduced how many days you need to vote for, meaning you'll get rewards faster! Read below for more information!

Want to Vote for CubeCraft Games? > https://www.cubecraft.net/vote

πŸŽ‰ New rewards - Personal Multipliers!

We felt like the rewards previously were a bit too soft, so we're increased them. We've made Votelets no longer have 100 & 200 Loot points options; it's either 300 Loot points or higher rewards. Now, if you're wondering what the higher rewards are, here: Cubelet, Super Cubelet, Uber Cubelet, Personal Multiplier!

Personal multipliers are a big jump for rewards; they only affect you, of course, so expect them in more rewards in other events in the future :P

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Personal Multipliers!

We've also made daily rewards better, and they loop every 7 days!
Day 1:
200 Experience + 20 points
Day 2: 2 hour x2 experience personal multiplier.
Day 3: 150 Experience + 30 points
Day 4: 2 hour x2 points personal multiplier.
Day 5: 100 Experience + 40 points
Day 6: 2 hour x2 experience and points personal multiplier.
Day 7: Exclusive loot

The voting system is no longer 365 days long; it's 120. So all of the exclusive loot days have been changed to be every 7 days. But don't worry, we've made it so loot is backdated, so if a date were skipped during this change, you'd have it unlocked. Make sure to vote once for the backdate to work! And you shouldn't have your progress lost!

We've also added /vote, which gives you our voting link, to make things easier! We've also made other tweaks to the Voting chest hover text and the icon in the menu. Check it out!
I voted for every site and im on ps4 where do I get rewards at


Apr 6, 2021
New rewards? Cool! it's great when the community gets gifted with an amazing reward
Apr 9, 2021
Yeah that's cool and all but, can you maybe make one for bedrock? You know, a voting system that works like this but for bedrock.
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