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Jan 23, 2018
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Hello CubeCrafters,

The time has come, the weather is warming up, and the flowers are blooming. This can only mean one thing; Spring is here! In this huge update, we're bringing both our Java & Bedrock network so much content in one of our biggest seasonal releases to date.

Available from today, we're hosting a brand new Spring RPG Adventure in our lobbies. We also have a Spring lobby, many Spring maps, cosmetics, Cubelets, store starter packs and bundles. We're so excited to share this all with you; read below for more information!

Spring RPG Trailer

Spring Event 2021 Trailer

🎉 NEW - Spring Adventure!

For the first time ever, CubeCraft is presenting a Spring Adventure RPG. Available on both Java & Bedrock networks, during our whole Spring event, which ends on 4th May. Now you might be asking, "What is the Spring Adventure?"

Well, let us tell you:

An Evil Bunny has overrun CubeCraft. He started off by stealing all the eggs for the lobby egg hunt and continued to grief the lands of our lobby residents. He has been destroying crops, hiding important resources and scaring many of the residents to the point where they're hiding in their own houses to stay safe. It's insane!

We're wondering if you can help save CubeCraft, by helping the residents in the lobby and their realms, repair the damage from the Evil Bunnys' terror and restore order!

You can start your adventure by joining our Bedrock or 1.9+ Java network and speak to Cubit the Craftsmith in the centre of the lobby; he'll inform you of your role. You'll need to locate the other lobby folk, travel to their realms and complete quests set by them. But don't worry, there are epic rewards for completing each realm, such as Win Effects, a Gadget, a Gravestone, a Cage & much more!

Once you complete all of the realm quests, you'll be ready to confront the Evil Bunny and enter his dungeon. Fight mobs, become heroes, team up with friends and defeat the evil bunny for a grand victory! - Are you up for an adventure?


Farmer, Cubit, Miner & the Knight - Realm Characters

Egg Splat Win Effect - Earn by completing the Bedrock Spring Adventure!

Evil Bunny Win Effect & Mining Gadget - Earn by completing the Java Spring Adventure & Quests!

🌹 Spring Lobby has arrived!

We have a brand NEW Spring 2021 lobby, for both Java & Bedrock. Filled with flowers, rainbows and bees! Explore and discover Adventure Realms and different Parkour!


Spring Lobby 2021.

🗺️ Maps & Challenges!

Our Spring maps are back, and they are still beautiful and colourful! We have so many available on our Java & Bedrock network for you to try out. We've even added 2 brand NEW maps to Lucky Islands for 2021!

Springtime - Team SkyWars
Springtime - Team SkyWars.png

Garden - Team SkyWars
Garden - Team SkyWars.png

Hunt - Team SkyWars
Hunt - Team SkyWars.png

Spring - Team SkyWars
Spring - Team SkyWars.png

Rabbit - Solo SkyWars
Rabbit - Team SkyWars.png

Bunny - Solo SkyWars
Bunny - Solo SkyWars.png

Chocolate - Team EggWars
Chocolate - Team EggWars.png

Eggs - Team EggWars
Eggs - Team EggWars.png

Hatch - Solo EggWars
Hatch - Solo EggWars.png

Easter - Team Lucky Islands
Easter - Team Lucky Islands.png

Carrots - Solo Lucky Islands
Carrots - Solo Lucky Islands.png
Springtime - SkyWars Teams of 4
Springtime - SkyWars Teams of 4.png

Garden - SkyWars Teams of 2
Garden - SkyWars Teams of 2.png

Rabbit - SkyWars Solo
Rabbit - Solo SkyWars.png

Bunny - SkyWars Solo
Bunny - Solo SkyWars.png

Basket - EggWars Teams of 4
Basket - EggWars Teams of 4.png

Decoration - EggWars Teams of 2
Decoration - EggWars Teams of 2.png

Hatch - EggWars Solo
Hatch - Solo EggWars.png

NEW TO 2021 - Spring - Team Lucky Islands

Spring - Lucky Islands Teams of 4.png

NEW TO 2021 - Carrots - Solo Lucky Islands
Carrots - Lucky Islands Solo.png

Along with the Spring maps on our Java network, we've also brought back our Spring Map Challenges! There's an Explorer challenge where you need to play all of our Spring maps, and there's a Winner challenge where you need to win on all of our Spring maps. If you complete them, you'll earn some Spring Cubelets! 🎉 - Are you up for the challenge?


Spring Map Challenges

💎 Bedrock - Spring 2021 Bundle!

Our Bedrock network has a brand NEW seasonal bundle. And it's packed with over 10 loot items! There's a piece for every game we have: Gravestone, Win Effect, Egg Skin, Buddy, Lucky Block Skin, Trail, Cage & much more! You can purchase it HERE!

There's also a Gift Edition of our Spring Bundle, meaning you can gift it to a friend. Want to gift a friend? You can purchase it HERE!

💰 Java - Spring Deals, Cubelets & Bundle!

Our Java network has some epic purchasable content available during this event! - We have epic Spring Deals available, which contain Ranks, Cubelets, Packs & Multipliers and at an insanely cheap price! Want to check them out, click HERE!

Both starter packs.jpg

Java Spring Deals
Our Java Spring Bundle is back, and we've dropped the price. It's packed with many loot items, including Cages, Balloons, Banners, Shields & much more! Check it out HERE!

Spring Bundle.jpg

Java Spring Bundle
Spring Cubelets are back, and they are still filled with amazing cosmetics. And we've made them even cheaper this year! You can obtain Spring Cubelets from our store, and you can obtain them by winning them ingame! You can't get duplicate items in Spring Cubelets! - Join our Java network today to get a free Spring Cubelet.

The Spring Cubelets offer the chances to obtain one of the following:
- 12 Hats
- 8 Shields
- 3 Arrow Trails
- 6 Cages (Some including animations and particles)
- 3 Gadgets
- 3 Trails
- 4 Animated Wardrobe pieces (Form the Carrot set)
- 4 Effect Wardrobe pieces (Form the Bunny set)
- 3 Win Effects
- 3 Animated Hats

If you want to buy some Spring Cubelets, you can visit our store here: store.cubecraft.net.

Spring Cubelets.png

3, 5 and 10 Spring Cubelet packages - Available here.

What is amazing about Spring Cubelets, is that if you purchase one of the Spring Cubelet packages from our store, you'll unlock one or more of our exclusive Spring miniatures. Purchasing 3 Spring Cubelets will give you the Egg miniature, 5 will give you the Basket miniature, and 10 will give you the amazing animated Rabbit miniature.

Exclusive miniatures that can only be obtained on the store with Spring Cubelet packages.

🕺 Competitions and Giveaways!

Throughout our Spring event, we will be hosting giveaways, so keep an eye out on our Discord and our Twitter & Instagram!

As well as giveaways, we're hosting Spring competitions too. 4 in total! Want to check them out? Look below:

Selfie competition > https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/spring-selfie-competition.281877
Art competition > https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/spring-art-competition.282173
Build competition > https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/spring-build-competition.281932
Skin competition > https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/spring-skin-competition.281895

Thanks for reading our Spring event update thread. We hope you enjoy our epic Spring Adventure and other awesome content. Have fun and stay safe!


Apr 22, 2020
Where is the old lobby’s parkour? It just says the parkour is in another hub. What does this mean?


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Jan 30, 2014
Where is the old lobby’s parkour? It just says the parkour is in another hub. What does this mean?
It means its built on the original hub, it doesnt fit in the same place as the standard hub so we couldnt port it, we had to leave it out
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Apr 16, 2020
I seriously love this update. Props to everyone who took part in making it happen! :D
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May 13, 2014
This is such an awesome update! Really helps us understand what our playerbase are into, and what we can do in the future - great work everyone, and don't get too scared of the Evil Bunny... 😉
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