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Sep 23, 2023
Hello CubeCrafters!

It's time for a new cosmetic bundle, which also means new maps! 🎉

🌈 RGB Bundle!

Check out our latest cosmetic bundle, themed around RGB! - Filled with over 10 items!

RGB Bundle!

🗺️ RGB - Lucky Islands Teams of 4 Map!

🌈 Giveaway

We will be hosting a giveaway on our Discord. We will select 3 lucky winners to obtain this awesome new bundle!

We all hope that enjoy these epic RGB cosmetics and have fun playing on the new map! :D
wow I wish I had some money or some really nice friends who could gift me tho I can buy it :(
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Day 14 of leaving a profile post asking for Polar bears in Skyblock.
Casualpoalrbear wrote on ImLeave's profile.
That name is sad :(
I know I'm not the only one but who else isnt a big fan of the pillar of fortune.
This new game is very fun!
It's a shame that it is temp... :despair:
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Man international polar bear day truly is great. Cube added a new seasonal game mode for it lol
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