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  1. SoloWarz3405


    Hey, CubeCrafters! I've finally finished my first YT video!!! *The video is recorded on my iPad, not my laptop :) Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE & LIKE the video!! MY GOAL IS TO BECOME A YT!!! The video will start premiering AFTER LESS THAN 30 MINUTES!!!
  2. Bismu7hStqn

    Video just a regular tower defence game with a party of three

    I just recorded a td game with a small party (forgot to record the first minute of exp farming lol), I might not record and upload videos about td since im busy but if there are good td players who can make videos about it would be really nice and might revive this game a bit more. ñ
  3. Higgachu


    Beste mensen! Een paar weken geleden starten ik met wekelijkse montages te maken van EggWars. Ik merkte al snel dat dit niet mijn ding was en besloot ze offline te halen. Al ruim 2 jaar speel ik bijne dagelijk met me vrienden eggwars. We zijn een groepjes 20+'ers ( Geloof het of niet ) die...
  4. sJonneY

    Magic & Mayhem Video + Art

    hello y'all! Made a stupid magic and mayhem video in a series on my channel, alongside some art if you're interested, watch the vid here:
  5. DoomRaider38

    Video Coming soon....

    I have recorded my guide of Bedrock Magic and Mayhem and the first episode of the guide is coming out tomorrow and the following day the next and so on so subscribe to my youtube channel and put on notifications as I don't know what time it will be coming out...
  6. SoundToTheThirdPower

    Video Duels, but i cant use a sword

    So this actually wasnt planned, but i might as well call it a challenge :)
  7. sajanator3

    Video cubecraft skywars but really really smooth 👀

    My PC was on the verge of death tryanna record and edit this :) watch this in a new tab and not the one embedded to experience the smoothness :)
  8. sJonneY

    Made a video and some art

    hey everyone, decided to post this link here cuz i thought some of you might appreciate this video i made lol also, attached to this post is the thumbnail art i made
  9. Herbubulle

    Video CubeCraft Montage ! With JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Music <3 !

    Hello ! Here is my new video on CubeCraft Games !!! It's a montage Special 50 Subscribers (Thanks !!! :o) with "Crazy My Beat" by CODA (Music for Joseph Joestar, representing the events of the second part BATTLE TENDENCY !!) I hope you will watch this video which took me several hours to...
  10. _dnn

    AFK Witch farm tutorial

    Ive designed an afk witch farm thats really cheap here vvv if you have any suggestions for things i could do better in future videos, or ideas for farms/ tutorials i could build feel free to leave them here
  11. Hey Racc

    Video Skywars Shenanigans!

    Hi everyone! I Recently Created a video including Bedrock Skywars and want you all to see it! Im not the best but I hope you enjoy!
  12. eeeew

    Video 1.8 ffa pog

  13. FetaBass

    Video So I edited a Cubecraft Montage..

    Hey everyone, I'm still new to the Forums so I hope I did everything correctly :despair: My friend asked me to edit his video which I tried to do my best on. I think it looks pretty well, but I'd like to get feedbacks from the perspective of a viewer so I can improve, in short: what could I do...
  14. Higgachu

    Video Oegaboega!

    I had too much confidence :P
  15. yiup

    Java A Minecraft Montage

    Hi I am starting to get active on the forums. I have uploaded a video a few months ago, and I am curious about your opinions! so could you give me your opinions on this video? Thanks!
  16. TheOfficialBabs

    Java New Skywars Montage - Babs

    Just uploaded my second ever Skywars Montage! It's a short but good one, check it out if you want. :D PS: Next video is gonna be the 2000 wins Special!!!
  17. TheOfficialBabs

    Java Skywars Montage

    My first video on the Channel! Hope you guys like it ;D There is enough space for improvement. So if you have something you want to see different in my next video. You can tell me. Enjoy!
  18. pipiklatie

    Video Villlagers take over Eggwars (Replaymod montage)

    So i made a short montage that in my opinion is very nice and i think you fellow cubecrafters will like it too. Video:
  19. Pyups🎄

    Video Cubecraft Skyblock Video #2 PLEASE SUBSCRIBE MY EGO

    so i had big block dreams for this episode but it got short by PETA as the deleted all of my skyblock data. but in all seriousness this video was supposed to be 10 minutes and ended up being only 3 minutes due to a skyblock glitch that took all day to figure out but with out further a due here...
  20. H4T MC

    Video [SkyWars] Crazy Combo & Commentary + Mouse Click Audio

    As always, critique is welcome, good or bad! I'm enjoying making these videos, even if I have no subscribers and nobody watches 🤣 If you want to play, or be in a video, add me on CubeCraft. Username H4T MC YouTube, or H4T. 😃
  21. Cursedpug89

    Video Dunking On Kids in Skywars

    I hope you guys enjoy. pls give me feedback! :)
  22. SG_Jogik

    Video New BlockWars CTF Video

    Welcome To the video
  23. BiggestNoob7

    Video Mod(Truu) VS Helper(PineappleMan) Official Video Out!!

    That's The Video Of Truu Calichin (Mod) VS PineappleMan408 (Helper) The Game starts at 3:00 around I hope you all like it.
  24. Shiny sandwich

    Video I got good at editing

    I want yt rank so watch Not a excuse to mess around with edits
  25. MeliodasWrath

    Video Killing teamers in skywars

    Took a week on holiday, finished this off when I came back. Hope you like it! :D
  26. YahirplaysMC123

    Bedrock Cubecraft key binds be like... (video)

    A little bit of context, no i didnt immediatly switch back, that was just the server denying my grasping of blocks, its a common problem that has been happening since the 1.16 update.
  27. YahirplaysMC123

    Video My experience switching from controller to keyboard and mouse

    i play on the bedrock edition of minecraft, just wanted to get that out in case you didnt know. Hello! For context my controller is a crap stain so i have to switch to an alternate way of playing minecraft. I have a decent quality video kinda showing my experience switching from controller to...
  28. kulmodroid

    Bedrock Meet my channel please

    Motivated by progressing hackers started recording. There is nothing fancy just regular relaxing rushing style.
  29. Maaarijn

    Video Watch this video or you miss something...

    Hey guys! Im back with another video! The commentary and most memes are Dutch so I'm sorry for the non-dutch speakers:( I hope you like it!
  30. EliteGamerYT146

    Video Submit your best Cubecraft plays

    Hey everyone, I want to upload a video about the Cubecraft community as a thank you on my youtube channel https://youtube.com/c/EliteGaming2 so you can fill out this form all I need is your name, the social media you want me to put in the description and the clip of your best play and your set...
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