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skywars bedrock

  1. M

    Bedrock Skywars NEEDS Autoclicker Detection

    I play skywars a decent amount, and have noticed a huge issue: people with autoclickers seem to be literally everywhere. Almost every match seems to have at least 1 or 2 people with autoclickers, and they are nearly impossible to deal with. You get near them, and the frame you are within reach...
  2. N

    Bedrock Ey New upload for my channel (also I'm kidding there is more people on cubecraft that are sweats)

  3. StaticGinger8

    Video this skywars game was intense!

    go check out my new video!
  4. sajanator3

    Video cubecraft skywars but really really smooth 👀

    My PC was on the verge of death tryanna record and edit this :) watch this in a new tab and not the one embedded to experience the smoothness :)
  5. F

    Bedrock Water bucket

    I feel like water buckets should be added in skywars bedrock like in java edition because in the viking map you can see TNT there showing that we can make a launcher or something everyone loves launching them self in the air and then clutch, but due to no water buckets in the game isn't possible...
  6. dragonmaniac

    Bedrock Is it intended to be able to get up here?

    Hello! I was bored looking for parkour in the lobbys when I noticed that the edges of the wall in the Skywars lobby seemed to go up to the top, after a lot of trial and error I managed to get to the top. Im just wondering; was it ever intened to get up here, or. Has anyone done this before?
  7. H


    I'm very very disappointed from Cubecraft for a past few weeks. The server is full of hackers, every duel I play, every single game of skywars, I see an auto click hacker knocking off player with a 30 cps. Especially in BETA lobby. I'm a mobile player who practices for months to achieve a total...
  8. Showy

    Bedrock How To: Jump-Sprint Bridge

    Hey There! I am Showy, and I am an alright? player at skywars. One thing I can do consistently is jump bridge. I am aware that not everyone can so I wanted to do some teaching! Should you have anymore questions feel free to message me directly. Step 1: The Beginning. You can start from 1-3...
  9. S

    Is skywars chaos going to be a team gamemode forever? (bedrock)

    I was wondering if skywars chaos is going to be a team gamemode forever on minecraft bedrock because I think it was more fun before (just 4 players and not teams). I would really like to know it please. Thanks!
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