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    Resolved Shop bug?

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MHkFGy5k7U77_u43VZH4Yz0Zsc5tRn3K/view?usp=drivesdk As you can see in the video above if i use kbm to buy something in the store but click too fast, i get/buy the highest item in the list. I hope it can be solved
  2. NotNitrouss

    Bedrock Item Shop changes for EggWars

    I spent about an hour designing this design that would work for the item shop and would make buying a lot faster. The second row of items are the menu, which offer all the menus in the current shop. I think this would help out in intense games and would just make the gameplay mores smooth...
  3. O

    New shop layout sucks

    I personally don't like the new shop because I'm used to the old layout where I could buy things fast but now since it all moved to one place it's annoying and I keep buying the wrong items, it would be cool to be able to move the favorite items down so the layout is fixed again.
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