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  1. Reesle

    Bedrock Chiseled Bookshelves & Lecterns + Quests - Skyblock

    Hello! Today I have a short and sweet Skyblock suggestion. Items: Today I’m suggesting that Cubecraft add the ability to craft chiseled bookshelves and lecterns, as they currently are not craftable within the Skyblock gamemode. Chiseled bookshelves would be craftable as of the first island, as...
  2. Reesle

    Bedrock Eggwars 3v3 Duels

    Hello everybody! Hope you’re having a good day/night. So, I’m sure we all know that Eggwars Trios has been suggested countless times. My suggestion is instead of adding trios (4 teams of 3), Cubecraft should make a duels-style Eggwars Trios by doing 2 teams of 3. This way, it wouldn’t be as time...
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