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ranked skywars

  1. ITrueMartin

    Bedrock Ranked games (updated with new idea)

    This is something that has been done on none of the featured servers on bedrock edition and I believe it would bring in a brand new competitive aspect aswell as new players and would keep current players playing for longer as people are more likely to play something longer if they can see there...
  2. ITrueMartin

    Bedrock (deleted)

  3. Nuvoh

    Java Ranked games!

    There should be a ranked Skywars, Eggwars. Seasons start and end... You could make it so that you might need a minimum amount of wins to enter. Players start with 0 Rating. As they win games they get rating. For example, people with 100 rating go against people with similar rating. After the...
  4. S

    Bedrock Ranked Eggwars/Skywars

    I think that Eggwars and Skywars on bedrock is not as fun as they could be because of there being a lack of a ranking system. I believe that if you were to make one it would make the game a lot more fun for everyone. People get to play with people the same skill level as them so they don't have...
  5. C

    Java Ranked Skywars

    I played on hypixel and saw they have ranked skywars and maybe it would be cool to add that to cubecraft too. People can get xp, points and a banner showing their position each season. This will make people willing to play the game so they get rewards.
  6. Blank

    Java Skywars [ Ranked ]

    Hello, I'm Blank and I want to suggest a new gamemode in Skywars, because you know that right now Skywars is little dead * i know its idea from another server but i see it will be great in 1.9 pvp * The gamemode will be called "Ranked Skywars", and It would be for players with level +30 *...
  7. Yuezie

    Ranked SkyWars 2.0

    Well, how unlikely it would be if they do this, it would be DOPE. First of all I'll explain the concept of Ranked SkyWars; It would be a skill based game, not how good you are at PvP, but also how good your strats (strategies) are. Now the question is HOW DO THEY MAKE IT? They make it so in...
  8. Always_Original

    Ranked SkyWars

    So i have a suggestion for a new (game) mode: Ranked SkyWars. For this mode you need to fight for a place in the leaderbords. Some requirement to play ranked Skywars: -Must have been playing Cubecraft for 1 month. -Must have a forum account (maybe not necessary). -Must be lvl 25+ (in-game)...
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