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  1. Tommy Boi

    🎶 Music 🎵

    I'm bored, so I figured I might as well post a thread here. I'm looking for some good songs, so if you have any recommendations please comment them! I'll also attach my Spotify favourites while I'm at it. These are some great songs:
  2. CrystalLegend01

    What’s your favorite music genre? [Updated]

    Just a fun random poll to see what kind of music the community enjoys. You can choose up to 3 options if you’d like to 👍 What I voted:
  3. La J

    What’s ur Favourite Song

    Hi getting bored so let’s discuss bout what is y’all favourite song Mines: After Dark - MrKitty
  4. Meiske

    Lyrical game

    👋IntroductionI've always wanted to make a forum game but could never come up with any good ideas that would keep the game interesting. Music is something I really love, that's why I thought: what if I make a game that revolves around music? This game will not only let you discover new music you...
  5. Quis

    Discord music bot and channel

    Hi everyone! I've a new suggestion! :) Discord Music Bot I tought it would be fun the listen to songs and sing songs with the cubecraft community. Maybe CCG can add a bot channel to type in the commands to play a song and 1 or 2 music channels. I think it's also fun to add a channel where you...
  6. colinverp

    great concert

    I met this guy in a game of skywars, he wanted to give a concert but the others didn't want to listen, so I killed everyone in the game except him 😂
  7. jochie49

    Music discs won't play

    Hi, So we got a music disc from a mob in Skyblock, and we were thrilled to try it out on our jukebox. Sadly nothing happens when you put the disc in the jukebox. Why is that? Why is it disabled?:(
  8. P

    My personal record

    Hai ^-^ Just my personal record :rolleyes: Seeya -Berre
  9. Mama Serk

    Music Suggestions

    OKAY so I tried this a long while back and you guys DID NOT take it seriously, so I thought I might try it again. I am praying with my entire heart and soul that it works this time. I am in desperate need of some new jams to listen to. Surely, there's some good stuff out there I haven't heard...
  10. Maceshank

    PC vs MAC for music production

    I have just recently got into producing my own music and I have been using my asus gaming pc and an hp laptop. I have some friends who use macs for music production and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for which one would be better? I personally like the interface of PC better but...
  11. ToastO_O

    Re-create Map Music??!

    Hello, Cubecrafters it's Toast back with another suggestion to improve map music a little bit.. The Suggestion: So if you don't know building to mid is one of the hardest things to do in map music and swords as it was in map UnderDaSea in Eggwars. So, I was thinking why not recreate map music...
  12. Cactus Awex


    Programming AI is hard, especially for a child-friendly server. Lock this thread (Or if you want just delete it entirely, I don't mind).
  13. Shayley


    Helloooo, This might not be minecraft related but anyways; some artists in the music business are so overrated and i'm getting crazy of it. For example; Zara Larsson. She's a good singer but i hear her everywhere on the radio. Play some songs from Marina and The Diamonds, she's very underrated...
  14. ryankwan821

    Which is better ?

    I think marshmello is better. What is your choose ?
  15. Atifmo

    Your fav music :D

    Post the name of your favorite music here, and tell why you like it :D Here is my favorite, it's a bit old, but i feel always safe with this song, and i like the lyrich :)
  16. TheLucian

    New Mucsic for April

    Hello everyone and today I have something special. Music! Most of our lives revolve around this amazing thing and it is a great way to bring everyone together. There are Many different types of music. These types resemble you and who you are! It is an amazing creation and has been around...
  17. Blossempink

    Artwork Minecraft pvp duel 1v1 cubecraft montage 'silence''

  18. TheLucian

    New Music!

    New Music So a lot of us are listening to the Music channel and there is good music there but it has been the same for such a long time. What I am apposing is that people could post Music here and every now and then a staff member can look over it and add a few. There is a lot of great...
  19. BanBoy


    Hey peeps, I'm probably not the only one listening to music while scrolling thru the forum post's And I wondered what music you are listening to right now. I usually dont listen to the "popular" songs unless the have some sort of message So post your music in the comment if you want I'll be...
  20. Kazu144p

    My problem with Overpowered Skywars

    Hello to all CUBECRAFT FANS, Today I got and interesting topic to talk about. I want to talk about my problems with OVERPOWERED Skywars and how it destroys the gaming expirience on this server for me. I always play Skywars SOLO & TEAM at the cubecraft server and enjoying the game very much...
  21. Ellie Williams

    What's the Name of this Song?

    This is a question that's been bugging me for a while: what is the name of the background music, and who wrote it? Skip to (3:14)
  22. CubeHeadIRL

    A remaster of your favorite songs!

    I'm starting my own service of recreating favorite songs, and at request, writing an original song in the genre of your choice. I will post a MediaFire link to my works every couple or so weeks. Just click on the link and either listen, download, or both! If you'd like an original song, I do...
  23. Mr_Poisonous

    Plug.dj replacement.

    hello as you might now, plugdj stopped. i loved the CubeCraft plugdj room alot, so i created a new one at a plug replacement site: dubtrack FM here is the link, it woud be cool if the IG link (insite of the game compas) woud change to this link :) https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/cubecraftgames
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