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mob farm

  1. L

    Skyblock Skyblock XP Farms?

    I’m playing a co-op Skyblock and I was just about to start building an xp farm with mobs using fall damage however I’ve noticed that with the spawners you have to be within a certain distance for the mobs to spawn (I think). What is the distance you have to be at for the mobs to spawn and can I...
  2. OwenDawg

    Ocelots not killing chickens

    I have a chicken farm using ocelots to kill the chickens that suddenly stopped working. I’ve been using it for about 3-4 days without fail. Nothing is wrong with them spawning they just won’t kill the chickens anymore. I have went to the skyblock hub, cubecraft hub, left and rejoined, restarted...
  3. Featherbot

    Interconnected Farms via Hoppers

    My ingenious fiance Maddog123 had the idea to connect all of our farms in skyblock together into a collection of chests. Several stacks of hoppers later, we had a massive conveyor belt, connecting a total of eleven farms together. Included in the system are the drops from our automatic farms...
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