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  1. Lezappen

    Java Skyblock end-game |2| Cubecraft Skyblock showcases

    What happens when you have unlocked all your islands and made all of your automated farms? I'd like to dedicate a thread to the suggestions related to making the end-game fun (or at least more fun than the average skyblock end-game) Suggestion 2: Cubecraft Skyblock showcases Now we saw the last...
  2. Lezappen

    Java Skyblock end-game |1| Objective Chests

    What happens when you have unlocked all your islands and made all of your automated farms? I'd like to dedicate a thread to the suggestions related to making the end-game fun (or at least more fun than the average skyblock end-game) Suggestion 1: Objective Chests This chest accumelates items...
  3. Lezappen

    Escalated Make opening duplicate cubelets less daunting.

    The main issue: You just finished crafting your uber cubelet, costing you 8000 (or 12 500 if you are stone rank) loot points or 16-25 cubelets. You end up getting a duplicate and that turns into 3500 loot points if you are lucky. So you just lost 4500-9000 loot points and you still don't have...
  4. Lezappen

    Video Skywars Fails Compilation

    Are you in it? What is your favourite one? Feel free to tag people you recognize :p
  5. GodlyFFA

    Java All Seasons

    What cubecraft needs is an all seasons map of each season 1 or 2 maps so you can play any map at any time this is gonna be a lot of people's sake.
  6. Lezappen

    Video My weekend coding project showcase: Custom color codes

    I just finished coding my first minecraft mod:
  7. Lezappen

    Discord spammers coming from cubecraft.

    A lot of you may have noticed advertisers randomly message you on discord : "HEY JOIN MY SERVER AT: superServerName.play.com ITS AWESOME AND YOU CAN WIN MONEY AND ITS GOT GAMES AND STUFF" The only mutual server is Cubecraft. Cubecraft and other servers in other games cannot do much against...
  8. Lezappen

    Happy new year!

    Greetings everyone! I wish you all a new year and as the year of 2018 comes to an end, I would like to annouce that I am going to be leaving the moderation team during the first week of 2019. I've been with the cubecraft server for over 4 years and I am going to continue to support it from a...
  9. H

    Dear Lezappen

    I've been banned for 2 months, he talked to several of the staff and they always tell me to go with the one who banned me, even though I do not perceive any activity on the part of Lezappen (the one who banned me) since he tried to contact me with a thousand Ways, I have come to the conclusion...
  10. H

    He sido baneado del server de Discord por Lezappen

    "Entre a una llamar de alrededor 5 personas y cuando entro no estaba nadie hablando, después de eso comenze a cantar y escuche que estaban riendo, seguí cantando y resulta que fui baneado." Me resulta muy estúpido que me baneara ya que no me dio ningun tipo de advertencia de que no cantara o no...
  11. Lezappen

    Implemented [BattleZone] Airstrikes, Rocket Launchers and Crates

    Content suggestion: Crates that drop unique items towards the end game - For games where there aren't many players, we need to create hot spots where players can meet up. - For games full of players, players will eventually need supplies as more chests have been stripped of their ammo: More...
  12. Lezappen

    Video Trolling Gainfullterror

    I thought I'd share this video were @Shamel and I decided to transform and make @Gainfullterror 's alter ego.... Have fun, we certainly did XD:
  13. Jqrz

    Video PvP tournaments | vs Lezappen [MOD] + Re-Match

    Please support me by liking, commenting and Subscribing :p:D https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLrPZpmY7nYI0p7JHM-N-DzmHOKcXaT9UV&params=OAFIAVgD&v=zQYkU6wxAA4&mode=NORMAL https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLrPZpmY7nYI0p7JHM-N-DzmHOKcXaT9UV&params=OAFIAVgE&v=P5L8qlhRXRs&mode=NORMAL
  14. Lezappen

    [Video] The Players of PVP Duels

    pvp combos at 0:43 and 3:32 are pretty cool, the one at 3:32 if you keep watching I replay in slow motion
  15. Lezappen

    The BEST weapon in minecraft is....

    The answer ? Statistically speaking... the axe !!! Now in practice it is a lot easier to chain hits and get crits with the sword... Here is the accumulated damage over time: (there are 100 data points per line, one every 0.05 seconds, this is a graph of the first 5 seconds) In the graph, 0.400...
  16. Lezappen

    Lezappen's challenges

    Here are a few challenges to pass the time... Easy : Potatoes mashed : Kill 1+ people (as many as you can) with a potato in skywars (except janakee @jQuery) Easy going : Make a sharpness 4 fire aspect 1 knockback 2 sword in normal skywars and win the game. Da real mvp...: Kill a full...
  17. Lezappen

    My top 10 favourite suggestions these last 30 days. N°2

    Top 10 N°1 Top 10 Suggestions N°2 : 1 : Potatoes with random enchants in skywars 2 : Direct rewards from voting 3 : Assassinations fix 4 : FFA kill counter 5 : Skywars Fix 6 : Night vision for vampire kit 7 : Spectate your friends in pvp duels 8 : Secret kits 9 : Achievement progress...
  18. Lezappen

    Builds The story behind my skin...

    Part 1 : While journeying between the overworld and the end, the minecraft universe came to a halt, minecraft had crashed... Lezappen now free of the main user's control, was all but stuck between worlds. His body, half numerized, had dissapeared and all that remained was a shadow, his dark...
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