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  1. JellyFish01

    Java EggWars I'm speechless..

    10 am and we can't even play EggWars..
  2. JellyFish01

    Java Bedwars - Java?

    Is there any plans to bring BedWars to Java? It would have good potential, and might bring more people to the server. We can't even hit 1K people on Java. We need some players ASAP! EggWars would still be better minigame to play to be honest, but we need some stuff that will increase the player...
  3. JellyFish01

    Java EggWars What a nice enemy, he made us a house

    Our enemy made us a house of debris. Love to be trapped on spawn point🥰😍
  4. JellyFish01

    Java EggWars Average EggWars game💀

  5. JellyFish01

    Java Older rank system

    Hey guys, I'm curious about how the ranking system worked before they switched to monthly ranks. I played from 2019 to 2021 and never bothered with buying a rank, and they were permanent back then. I am back playing on CubeCraft. But I heard someone say that Obsidian used to cost 150 euros...
  6. JellyFish01

    EggWars A gift from enemy

  7. JellyFish01

    EggWars players

    It's really sad to see EggWars is puling only 10 - 30 players in the morning on Java. It scares me that it may die in the future.. :(
  8. JellyFish01

    Connection reset (kick)

    While just playing on the server on Java, the server randomly kicks me and says "Connection reset". My internet is fine, and there is nothing to cause this. Any ideas? Expecting feedback from support
  9. xLitenVarg_

    Java Bring old Lucky Islands Teams back

    I know that this topic has been touched in other threads but i wanna make a longer one explaining my point of view as an experiemented player on it with more that 16.000 games played on it and more than 55 days. To start with, all started with a gamemode called lucky islands teams mode where u...
  10. ItzOrenPlayz

    Bedrock Java All Networks New *VIKING* Kit for FFA (Free for All)

    As a player who often grinds in Cubecraft FFA, I noticed that the kits available were making me a bit bored, so I suggested this new kit to make this game more popular and interesting (ffa is not so popular unlike minerware, eggwars and the others, Free for All is lucky if it can register 1,000...
  11. L

    Will survival games be back at some point?

    ¿Volverán los juegos de supervivencia? Fue una buena modalidad pero se ha eliminado, ¿piensas volver a implementarla en el servidor?
  12. L

    Actualizaciones en Skywars

    Yo creo que se necesita una nueva actualizacion en skywars A que me refiero con esto? as que hagan una actualizacion con mapas nuevos y removiendo mapas que a la comunidad no le gusten tanto y añadir nuevos
  13. B

    Negative balance bug | Magic & Mayhem

    I just logged on RPG and noticed that I have a second frost wand that was level 1 then I looked at my balance and saw that I have a negative balance and I couldn't buy anything from shops.
  14. Vindicatør

    IGN Change After a While

    So today I decided to change my IGN for Minecraft Java Edition after a whooping 6+ months. I was getting a bit tired of the one I had, so I thought it's time for a change. I have rebranded from V1ndicator_V1nce to _V1ndicator. Feel free to let me know what you guys think by posting a reply...
  15. Meme Bean8608

    All Networks Adding an infinite water bucket into skyblock

    I think there should be a quest reward for a infinite water bucket as placing it manually (all big crop farm makers have felt this) is very tedious especially when you make a cane farm become the void my idea for the quest: hidden quest Extreme hills Name: ice bucket challenge buy "x" amount of...
  16. A

    All Networks I suggest this to improve CubeCraft Minecraft Server

    Hello! I would like to suggest this idea to help and improve CubeCraft Minecraft Server The idea is : Old punishments by staff should expire after time. For Example : You get muted for swearing for 1 week, and then after some really long time you write something against the rules in the global...
  17. mckristiyan28yt

    All Networks More games /updates/ for MinerWare [Java and Bedrock]

    MICROGAMES - Floor is LAVA! 5 second countdown and make the floor to lava (similar to Lava Floor, but NOT), there will be cobweb, non-wood blocks and things and many ways to survive the dangerous LAVA! After the floor becomes LAVA, there will be 5 more secs 'til the microgame ends. - Milk the...
  18. RickDeKlomp

    Java Add a monthly leaderboard

    Yes, this is another thread about making CubeCraft a little more competitive. And I can already see the following questions comming: Won't everyone be toxic because they play too competitive? Will it change the game experience for normal players? Won't there be more tryharders? I don't think...
  19. cristian2259

    All Networks Epic suggestion for java and Bedrock!!

    Hi, my name is zCris2259_YT or Cris. This suggestion is to add the old lobby 2018 after Easter. Why do I think this should be returned? Basically, it's better built and it's much bigger and incredible, you had more areas and it would also be amazing if you had things like hidden rooms...
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