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  1. Awabbatt

    Implemented Re-enable support for pre 1.16.201

    While most people are on the latest version of minecraft, some people have downgraded for various reasons and it's pretty simple if you know how, but most people don't know about it so in the end most people are on 1.17. recently cubecraft updated to 1.16.201. Why? Its was not needed and...
  2. DenisNotDanish

    Artwork Blue Warfare [16 X ] Boosts FPS | Pack Release

    My internet was out so I decided to revamp this pack, changing a lot of things and recolouring some stuff. I've changed a lot of things. I also made a video releasing this pack hope you check it out and I would appreciate it if you like the video and subscribe for upcoming releases and videos :)...
  3. Sebitaas


    Hello, today I wanted to say if you could do something to see Youtubers and Mods, in the lobbies , I mean that when we put the option to " See No " only look appointed , would help to people who want to play with their favorite . This option is in some servers and would serve to lows not cause...
  4. Sebitaas


    Hola, hoy les quería comentar si se podría hacer algo para ver a Youtubers y Mods , en las lobbys, me refiero a que cuando pongamos la opción de "Ver a Nadie" solo se vean los nombrados, esto ayudaría a las personas que quieres jugar con sus favoritos. Esta opción esta en algunos servers y...
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