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  1. Aratic

    What does Cubecraft use

    I want to practice server making and coding in general (also design) I want to know: What is the code used to make both versions of the server What do you use to make the 3d models Anything else I should know Thank you!!!!
  2. S

    Bedrock Bring back OG games

    If possible, could you guys bring back some OG games, for example: The walls. This was usually found on Mineplex but was also on other servers. This would be a great game to bring back to life and i feel others think the same.
  3. Matriox

    All Networks The Suggestion System - Feedback

    I believe there are some problems with the suggestion system that should be addressed, I've been sharing my suggestions that I feel would make Cubecraft better for a while and have noticed lots of flaws in my time suggesting. Here are my opinions on two areas relating to the Feedback and...
  4. LazyJacob55

    All Networks Hide and seek

    i think this should be part of the beta games and i think the cubecraft devs will do a good job at making this game as its a classic and alot of fans will love it and it will keep users coming back for more of it
  5. Noltan

    To the Devs: A Request to See A Record of Completed Quests

    Dear Developers and fellow Cubecraft Skyblockers, In this post, I am making a small request to the developers of Skyblock to enable Skyblock players to view a record of completed quests in-game so that we can all appreciate our own progress and achievements. I hope that this is not a difficult...
  6. Socratias

    Video Winning against a Developer

    RDevGames. Disclaimer: This video contains swear words.
  7. Socratias

    Video Creating Loot with Developer RDev_

    Next one will be a Designer. Pinky promise. Disclaimer: This video contains swear words.
  8. H

    Please fix this!

    So my friend claimed the Arctic armor not knowing that I wanted that so he managed to drop it and I picked it up but I can’t equip it and I’m kinda mad. Does anyone know if there’s any other special armies like that or if there’s a way to get a new set of arctic armor, I don’t know if this is...
  9. Socratias

    Video Sentinel & MORE With Developer funkemunky - SocCast #8

    Ty @funkemunky dude, actual good hax0r I mean coder 😳 Disclaimer: There are some swear words in the video.
  10. Technosword

    Java Clear Game Statistics With Cheaters

    Hey everyone, this thread seems pretty self-explanatory. Whenever someone in your game gets banned, the stats from that game are wiped. The reason why is that what if you lose a win streak to a hacker or a hacker keeps being in your games and messes up your K/D ratio etc. There are a few issues...
  11. T

    FFA Plugin.

    This is more of a question to cubecraft staff team, I know that your FFA plugin is half public but I don't really want to spend couple of hours trying to find it myself, it would be pretty nice of you just telling me which plugin you are using for FFA gamemode. I will be decompilling it and...
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