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  1. Fly☆Guy

    Coding Cubecraft Bedrock Leaderboards Discord Bot

    Heyo! My friend @FreezeEngine has been developing a really cool Discord bot that displays the leaderboards for the Bedrock Edition Cubecraft Server :cube_light:. For those of you that are interested in how the bot functions here is a basic rundown: The bot uses a Minecraft account to log in...
  2. Aratic

    What code does cubecraft use

    I want to learn about computer Science and game development so I want to know what code Cubecraft bedrock is coded in, if any of you know please tell me, Thank you
  3. D

    Coding Clan Tag - New Labymod Addon

    Hello Cubecrafters! I along with CCC team would love to present you our newest creation! Clan Tag is a Labymod addon that will help you connect with community! Features: Shows clan tag above player's head. Ability to colorize the clan tag. Detects relation to other clans and automatically...
  4. ChrisTheDerpCake

    Bedrock Minecraft Bedrock mod for use with eggwars

    Hi, this is more of a question than a thread actually, i just don’t want to post this on this discord and end up losing the conversation with thousands of other messages. Since there is no replay mod for bedrock (at least for use with servers), i want to know if its possible to return data from...
  5. Lllamacorn

    Game Competitions

    Some people are really good coders and have great ideas for games in the arcade and stuff, what if there was a yearly coding competition where players coded games and the winners got added to the arcade. How it Works On a date determined by the cube craft people, the competition would start...
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