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  1. SilicoFlare

    All Networks Add a kill count and a teammate count during game in CTF

    So during the game i sometimes find teammates missing and I have a hard time thinking they left the game or are in hiding, coz we need to devise strategy and battle plan based on number of teammates. And yeah, adding the kill and death count in-game is self-explanatory. Any suggestions, do...
  2. SilicoFlare

    All Networks Remove "Return to Lobby" button during the 10 seconds countdown before start of team games like CTF, Eggwars or so

    So in team games, there's a rare chance that some player can join your game during the countdown. And I have observed many have left the game during that time. It's soo difficult to win even with the lack of a single player in our team. It's an unfair advantage to the opponent. I remember a...
  3. SilicoFlare

    All Networks Chances of cross-teaming

    So I was playing CTF today, and I observed that whoever of my team took the flag was falling into the void even though i personally was at the only Parkour and ensures they crossed it safely. When I went back to base I saw that one of my teammates had dug out a moat around the flag into the...
  4. SilicoFlare

    All Networks What about introduce arrow generators to CTF

    So I play CTF a lot, and I keep sniping enemies to their deaths. But the thing is, since I have just 32 arrows, once they are over, I feel like I lost a hand. Can you please introduce something like an arrow generator, a block which drops 1-3 arrows on being mined? Coz the only way to get a...
  5. S

    Bedrock CTF Idea #1 Flag before game over

    When you have the flag just before the game ends you should get an extra minute to capture the flag, and if the person with the flag loses it, the game automatically ends. Music that give the vibes to run as fast as possible should play while this happens. The score board should say CAPTURE THE...
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