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    Present Rush or Colony Control

    Never liked colony control xD. So present rush it isss.
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    Java Sky Wars customizable kits.

    If you get rushed at the start it is nice to have some form of protection that doesn't take time
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    Java Eggwars enderchests

    I meant if you put them in a chest your teammates can take them. For example if I want to build and I know the enemy has a bow I want to keep my items safe, but teammates can take your items from chests.
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    Halloween Selfie Competition 📷

    special thanks to Apzi, totawo, Azlucasw and Rqged and ofc myself Tiimbae :)
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    Java drag clicking

    drag on top
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    Java Eggwars enderchests

    I think enderchests are a great idea. It would make camping easier, but your items wont be stolen by other players or teammates.
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    I like practising my butterfly clicks on the music blocks, bit I do see how it can be annoying
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    Planned FFA regeneration system

    I really like this idea, I think regeneration 1 will be perfect for this, in this way it won't nerf wizard, that still has regeneration 2 and will make the out of combat waiting much shorter.
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    Java A different approach to punishments for inappropriate usernames/skins

    I fully agree with this. A friend of mine got banned for a bad username, but he didn't mean any harm with it and he couldn't play for a month
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    Java drag clicking

    I think the dragclick ban was fair, it is an unfair advantage for players that have the mouse for it.
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    Java Battle zone needs an URGENT fix.

    I get kicked sometimes when I'm in the air at the start of the match
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    All Networks Make dragging games out bannable

    Yes it can be annoying, but its a valid strategy to use, to run and heal.
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    Java Fix Ender Damage

    I think the ender should do less damage to players, which makes it possible for players to escape and it would make the game more fair.
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