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About Me

Name: Drew
Age: 20
Occupation: Manager of Textures/Skins & Massive Tryhard
Favourite Movies: Baby Driver, 1917, Parasite, Straight Outta Compton, The Thing
Favourite Artists: Oliver Tree, Joji, Terror Reid, Post Malone, Lil Peep, Pantera, The Stone Roses

Movie Watchlist Database 2021
Favourites in each genre:
Action: Baby Driver
Biography: Pursuit of Happyness
War: 1917
Animation: Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse
Drama: The Shawshank Redemption
History: Straight Outta Compton
Adventure: Spirited Away
Family: WALL-E
Horror: The Thing
Crime: Pulp Fiction
Comedy: The Worlds End
Sci-Fi: Interstellar
Music: Whiplash
Romance: Submarine or Before Sunrise
Mystery: The Prestige

Stone Rank since 2 December 2013
Iron Rank since 14 March 2014
Gold Rank since 1 May 2014
Diamond Rank since 8 January 2015
Emerald Rank since 15 March 2015
Obsidian Rank since 26 June 2015
Helper Rank since 11 July 2017
Moderator Rank since 16 August 2017
Administrator Rank since 11 April 2018
Designer Rank since 20 November 2018
Design Manager Role since 18th May 2020
Admin Team since 5th July 2020

I do requests for things but it really depends on my workload and what it is. Please message me at Story#0001. I love doing these if I can. These can range from skins to pixel art to renders to any general photo editing.

My Best Threads & Guides
Official CubeCraft Staff History & Status

The Meme Awards 2020
The Meme Awards 2019
The Meme Awards 2018
A Peasants Guide to Minecraft Shaders
An Advanced Guide to Survival Games

CubeCraft Contributions:
Lucky Islands RP (excluding 4 wands)
Ender Resource Pack
Battle Zone Resource Pack
Display Art for 30+ Marketplace Projects
Textures for 10+ Marketplace Projects
40+ Vanity items
Staff History Thread

Tryhard Server Statistics:
Java Level:
SkyWars Wins: 3500
Classic QuakeCraft Wins: 5858

Oct 15, 2000 (Age: 20)
Manager of Textures/Skins






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