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    This Bug Deletes Certain Blocks on my Island

    Go to the skyblock hub and come back. The creeper will still be there though
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    The Infinite XP Glitch (24,000+ Levels)

    It’s just a visual glitch (sadly)
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    Waiting times for crops

    There’s literally so many other threads talking abt the same exact thing
  4. SoggyTaco-_-

    all people be like

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    A BIG FAT suggestion/rant about Cubecraft Skyblock

    If u don’t like it don’t play. Simple.
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    Shorten times of saplings,ores and plants

    No. And that’s final
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    Uhhhh new enchantment for skyblock for the sword

    Uhhh yeah. That sounds uhhh cool
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    Skyblock Nether (Bedrock)

    Gotta grind
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    Wither in bedrock

    But the starting exploration doesn’t destroy obsidian
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    Wither in bedrock

    Bedrock doesn’t break obsidian
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    Top 10 richest skyblock profiles

    I just bought a ton of creeper spawners. How did you build your farm? I have a stack of spawners in storage because I can’t figure out a efficient farm
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