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    Msg server wide

    Pingu: ehmmm, yes :P
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    Msg server wide

    Yeah its a good idea +2
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    Msg server wide

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    I dunno :P was just the maintenance

    I dunno :P was just the maintenance
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    Cubecraft Hit, 12.505 PLAYERS OH MY GOD.

    Lets eat chocolate everyone! And play team skywars with me (Imma buy the best kit got over 12000 points atm) Greetings Challenger
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    Skyblock warp trouble

    i want a finer and nicer warp on skyblock, the warp is a good thing but i want this: a pvp on/off button on my is,and that would make all better. Its rly hard for me when i hear things like i got killed on your island and now i want stuff questions so i normaly put warp off. I putted it off...
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    I need A codec

    Tysm for saying that i will look for it :D
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    I need A codec

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    I need A codec

    Sryfor placing it in suggestions if it was wrong but i get a faster answer in suggestions so i putted it there.
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    I need A codec

    This is a suggest yes. I will tell my story: every day when i go sb(skyblock) and i go pvpi see tons of pvp loggers i know i need to record them so i do that now. I record it with bsl. If you know other recorders pls set it in comment. The problem is that i have no good codec to let the video...
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    Parkour sg

    Hello everyone :) i have a funny idea idk if its alrdy suggested then i will see it in 'replies' okay.. The idea of this game named 'parkour sg' is easy its survival games with a parkour for some more fun for survival gamers and for parkour players. You start with like 10 people in a big map you...
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    The water pool is on fire!!!
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    Someone at sb placed blazes at trade the bridge burnt total off I need help right now
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    Game Suggestion: Hourglass

    Great idea i see myself walking there with a gold shovel invite me to the game;D But i only have one thing, isn't it getting laggy? Greetings challenger1012 (Msg me to tell how to play that game)
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