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    Video Styling on a Hacker

    Skip to 5:54 for outplay!
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    Video Solo in Duos(Eggwars)

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    Video Eggwars 9!

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    Video I killed a Fly Hacker!

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    Video Am I a hacker(not really)!

    Sure, I can’t today but I can tomorrow around like 5pm central
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    Video Am I a hacker(not really)!

    Nah, is a speed bridge glitch where you will make fake blocks on your screen. They should patch it but it is still here
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    Video Am I a hacker(not really)!

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    Video Killing cross teamers

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    Video I Got BANNED From Cubecraft...? (A great video for Cubecraft mods to watch)

    I think this guy has like a bunch of accounts he just spams on. Like I think he has one named joe lee. Just ignore him, he just want to make it look like he is really active in the community.
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    Video This is what had been happening lately!

    Nope, North America, and ran many internet test and my wifi runs fine. I just think with the new game mode if a lot of people are on at a time is really tears down the server.
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    Video This is what had been happening lately!

    I don’t mean to attack CubeCraft. I just figured I had to point this out. If this doesn’t get fixed it might/ if not really hurt them. I have asked my friends if they have had the same problems and they agreed. I just want the CubeCraft I know to be back. So please find a way to fix this!
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    All Networks Lag Gameplay

    Is it just me or has the server been more laggy then normal. Like I seem to be fighting so many google slide shows lately it’s insane. I think CubeCraft is pushing what the server provider they use can do, and need to upgrade or do something because all my friends are having the same issues. Has...
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    Video We win really fast!

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    Video Another Eggwars win!

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