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    Implemented Stone Plus Rank

    Hey, As an update to this thread, the change has gone out now, so there is better clarification that the double voting is only applicable to you if you have a rank that does allow the vote to happen in the first place. Thanks for the feedback. :)
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    Implemented Stone Plus Rank

    Hey, Just to let you know, I'm investigating this now internally. The features we list as available on our store should reflect what you get in the game, if there is a divergence we're misleading customers, which is not very good. I've set this to Escalated and will update you here once I...
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    Video Youtube Rank Bug

    Hey @JoacoGhoul, Could you try your application again? When you upload the video we give you, please do not change the title of the video file, and let YouTube use it as the video title for the uploaded video. I believe the system may be having an issue because you are changing the video...
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    Today we added a new assassination server to out network. Currently this game is in beta and has many bugs. That means this new server is subjected to huge changes and regular restarts. Also this server will have many more maps being added soon by out professional builders.
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    Today, I set up a twitter page for everyone so that you can keep up to date with what is happening on the server. Hope you enjoy. Follow us @cubecraftgames
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    Mojang just pushed out Minecraft version 1.6.4, our server is not compatible with that yet, but keep an eye out on this post, as I will update it when we will get compatibility. Update: 1.6.4 Compatible now. - Halothe23
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    Login Errors and Issues

    As you may know, lately you may have had issues in trying to log on to Cube Craft, or any other server's, or minecraft itself. This is because the minecraft login and sessions server have been down for quite some time now, what these server's do, is allow you to log in to minecraft or minecraft...
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    We recently added pets to the lobby. This is in beta as it has several bugs. If you find any more feel free to post about in on the forum. We hope to be able to release this also on the games lobby and add the option to change names and colours of pets! - rubik
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    Minecraft Offline

    The Minecraft login and session server's are offline, Mojang is doing some database updates to they're servers. You can check the status of them here: http://xpaw.ru/mcstatus/ https://help.mojang.com/ UPDATE: Back online!
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    1.7 Update! + SkyWars Updates

    The Minecraft 1.7 update is out, however, as usual, server's take a little longer to update, but we will try our best to achieve compatibility as soon as possible! In the meantime we have upgraded SkyWars, and added some very cool and nifty new features, such as: - Added kits - Added in-game...
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    Happy Halloween everyone!

    CubeCraft and all of its staff members wish you a happy halloween! To this occasion one of our builders decided to make a halloween building contest, check it out here: http://h23.co/19g3jIA
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    Network Outage.

    We are seeing a massive outage on our network, we are investigating into this issue. We will keep this post updated, so keep checking. A datacenter in which part of our network resided just went down completely, no communication in our out, according to support, the entire networks of the...
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    We are looking for developers!

    We are currently growing a lot, therefore we are searching for some more developers, to help code the plugins to run the server. What we look for are developers with knowledge in these fields: - Must know Java - Must have knowledge on the configuration and set-up of minecraft server's, and...
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    Server upgrade.

    Hello, We are currently in the process of upgrading all of the server's in our network to more powerful machines, to have less lag, and even more games for you all to play and enjoy! We will update this post as we go along, so keep an eye on this, should also not take too long. - CubeCraft...
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    This week's updates!

    This week there have been tons of addition to the server, so, I felt like making it a news post, heres a rundown on what is new: New Cookie Clicker in the lobby! New christmas lobby design. Christmas countdown timer on the lobby. New Kit-PvP Kits. New SkyBlock Spawn. Much improved server, to...
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