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    Streaming platforms

    Hey, Just to expand a bit on the response from Finixly, as our partner site doesn't directly answer this question- Typically we cater towards the two primary platforms, YouTube and Twitch as they're well established and there's tools available to check someone's reach to see if they match the...
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    Bedrock Server lags through more players?

    Hey, We've been working hard to improve several aspect of our infrastructure to better handle the sheer scale of users available. You should see improvements soon as we're expanding the amount of servers we have. 😅
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    I've had this piece for a while, just never thought to use it as a profile image. 🦊

    I've had this piece for a while, just never thought to use it as a profile image. 🦊
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    Ow no.

    Ow no.
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    Check for when i joined Cubecraft the first time?

    Hey, Currently there’s no way to check this that’s directly accessible to users. Unfortunately depending on how long ago you actually joined, we may also not have the first login for you anymore either. For privacy and performance reasons we don’t keep many user logs for a very long time, if...
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    Implemented Stone Plus Rank

    Hey, As an update to this thread, the change has gone out now, so there is better clarification that the double voting is only applicable to you if you have a rank that does allow the vote to happen in the first place. Thanks for the feedback. :)
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    Implemented Stone Plus Rank

    Hey, Just to let you know, I'm investigating this now internally. The features we list as available on our store should reflect what you get in the game, if there is a divergence we're misleading customers, which is not very good. I've set this to Escalated and will update you here once I...
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    Video Youtube Rank Bug

    Hey @JoacoGhoul, Could you try your application again? When you upload the video we give you, please do not change the title of the video file, and let YouTube use it as the video title for the uploaded video. I believe the system may be having an issue because you are changing the video...
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    Web [SUGGESTION] Make dark mode default

    Hi, Thanks for your feedback, whilst it's unlikely that we will be changing the behaviour, as our brand is primarily associated with lighter colours, I appreciate your interest and suggestions. I'm going to once more lock this thread, as the debate over the default theme seems to be...
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    Web [SUGGESTION] Remove the light mode.

    Whilst we appreciate feedback, we're not going to remove core functionality from our forums. I've locked the thread to prevent the above from going too far.
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    Web [BUG] No change username option

    What @SoppeJam posts is somewhat correct. We're currently working to implement all of our previous extended functionality back into the forums, this may take some time, so for now, we'll leave this as pending.
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    Enjoy these new and more speedy forums! OwO

    Enjoy these new and more speedy forums! OwO
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    Didn't quite expect to see a mention of this on here, hah. Thanks! :)

    Didn't quite expect to see a mention of this on here, hah. Thanks! :)
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    Server Capacity Update

    Hi everyone, Over the past few days, we have seen significantly increased numbers of players across our network. Over the weekend we consistently peaked at over 22,000 players across both our Bedrock and Java platforms. We understand many of you are now out of school, isolating, or otherwise...
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