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    whats goodie

    whats goodie
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    Iphone Vs Samsung

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    Ter grats :)

    Ter grats :)
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    Like one in the chamber?
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    Grammar mistakes on game descriptions...

    They are on the the signs that explain the game.
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    Move the egg on EggWars map Toys

    I honestly like it there. I think is adds a sort of stealth factor to the game which I really enjoy.
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    Gratz bruh

    Gratz bruh
  8. jtlg1234

    Gratz :)

    Gratz :)
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    Find Pumkins

    Pretty Dope
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    I have a question.

    Also don't tell them that you are recording.
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    pls stay ;(

    pls stay ;(
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    Aww ;(

    Aww ;(
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    I need help about youtuber rank :)

    Apply here: yt.ccgn.co
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    A Few Eggwars Suggestions

    1. I think there should be more 2 player per team maps. Many times me and 1 friend will be playing eggwars and we have to wait for toys because we don't want another person. 2. Second there should be more perks for killing. This will discourage camping and people will go for kills which will...
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