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    I Don't know how to play the game anymore

    I Don't know how to play the game anymore
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    New Minigame??

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    New Minigame??

    I ment it could be 2 points or just make it 1 point
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    hi :D

    hi :D
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    New Minigame??

    You could get 1 point everykill for 2 points. if it was 5 or higher it would make it very over powered but then the prices of the guns could go up
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    New Minigame??

    The server could apply a texture for the textures of the armor / guns :D
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    New Minigame??

    I have been playing on this server which has this awesome minigame called fatkid which is based on the game called halo. I think cubecraftgames could implement a game which has guns a bit like call of duty or have an infected gamemode where one person starts of as an infected then trys and...
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    I love Prison :D
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    What happened to MineZ?

    meh like minez ehehhehee
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    Builds Valentines Day! :DDD

    I hate poeple in Genal is teh best one :P :oops: MEOW
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    New Idea

    I like the idea of that :D <3
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    *Exciting News*

    AWSOME !!!! CubeCraftStaff
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    News 1000 players and birthday

    Woooo Gz CubeCraft LOVE IT :D
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    News Assassination Re-Work Alpha Signup

    Application for assassination IGN: Joel_Lucas Age: 12 Why we should pick you: Because Im very help full, I love to test New things out and It would be fun to test the assassination, Im a mod on cubecraft also. I have Also Found Some Bugs On some Games (On Different Servers) Have you ever been a...
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    Fish Slap?

    I think fish slap is cool :) and it would be cool to have it back And then i can slap divvy with a fish MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH:p
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