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    All Networks Buff The Berserker!

    Berserker needs buffed in both java and bedrock. He dies too easily it's free kills. Berserker should be able to live up to his name instead of getting usurped by warrior kit. \My suggestions? Put sharp 1 on the axe Give me a helmet Give him a gapple
  2. ferngoated

    Bedrock Buff berserker in Bedrock

    berserker needs more protection, he easily dies, and the knockback sword doesn't make up for it
  3. ferngoated

    Berserker Needs Buffed

    yes but berseker is a sitting duck
  4. ferngoated

    Berserker Needs Buffed

    Berserker is personally my go-to in FFA, the wooden sword is perfect for cliff pvp, and the axe finishes them off, but in a flat-land pvp situation, this kit can easily lose to warrior or beast due to its lack of protection. I feel like he needs buffed and needs extra protection so he doesn't...
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    Respawning with no Armor is ANNOYING

    I wish that you respawned with your armor, because if your egg is being destroyed and you die, YOU ARE NAKED AND HAVE TO PUNCH THEM WITH YOUR FIST WHILE THEY'RE IN FULL DIAMOND
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    Automatic Respawn Feature in FFA?

    I think dying and having to select your kit AGAIN is annoying, there should be a feature where you respawn with your favorite kit.
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    Why is it called "FFA"

    i stated it
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    Why is it called "FFA"

    with kits, it's kitpvp
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    FFA Why the hit in ffa are lagged

    I'm no staff, but you probably have bad internet or are connected to a server very far away from where you live. Also it could be because you may be using a 64 pixel texture pack.
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    Why is it called "FFA"

    Why is Battle Arena called "Free For All" It's literally just KitPvP, and a lot of more players would play on Battle Arena if it was called that. Change the name. Also add more kits and a way to automatically respawn with a favorite kit when you die.
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